The Sacred Herb


 In the taking of "The Grass of the Arabs" . . .
I did not gain foresight,
                              For I had that aforetime,
But such insight . . . I could not have gained in 10,000 lifetimes !

~~ Hermes Trismegestus, Thrice Great, Master of Masters
aka Thoth The Atlantean
  Perhaps 4,000 Years Before Christ

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PLEASE UNDERSTAND . . . we are not encouraging any one to use any substance – because we know that they are not necessary to enlightenment – but (since we know that a large percentage of the world's population already do) we felt that it would be good to give “The Balance” to those who may tend to “Push the edge of the envelope”.

Father taught us to use “The Sacred Herb” in a very special way. He – through study and meditation – had discovered that it had been used (by those who were initiated) in very unique “Ceremonies” for thousands of years.

And the truth shall make you free ! And – in this case –
Protect and increase your health . . . and your consciousness !

Repeated overuse can literally “Burn out the Solar Centers” (aka Chakras) and result in the vacuum in the eyes . . . the “Nobody home” syndrome . . .

As the Glass Darkens Slowly . . .

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