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Hawaiian Zodiac


DEC 22 TO JAN 19
Capricorn - sea goat
Makalii is a sea goat-ambassador, the researcher.   It was during this month that volcanic eruptions formed the Hawaiian Islands and from the depths of the ocean came Koa, the great goat with a fish tail and no horns. Through compassion from the god Lono, Koa was given two horns. His tail withered away which then made him a land creature. Persons under this sign are ambitious and likely to become successful.

Jan 20 to Feb 18
Aquarius-water bearer
Kealo is the water bearer-truth seeker or scientist. This is the month in which the oceans, streams and rivers were filled with water from the heavens. Persons under this sign are gentle, open-minded and very honest.   They pour out their knowledge and love to others. They collect and spill out the knowledge of the universe and life itself.

Feb 19 to March 20
Mahimahi Kaulua is the mighty mahimahi-the idealist or philosopher. They make waves through life not letting power or money bait them away from their dreams. One mahimahi faces "mauka"(toward the mountains) and the other makai (toward the sea)...in Hawaii they always give directions by mauka or makai...this indicates which direction in life should be taken for the chosen one will affect the outcome of their life.

March 21 to April 20
Nana is the crusader-gifted with a driving force on achieving their ambitions. They would call their Aumakua (family gods, protectors) to ask for wisdom. They are warm-hearted and display a generous show of affection.

April 21 to May 20
Taurus-wild boar
Welo the wild boar- the builder or producer. Hunting the wild boar was an act of courage. Welo persons bear traits of courageousness beyond, they are born with integrity and stability. They also have a sense of humor and a warm heart.

May 21 to June 20
Gemini-Alii Twins
Ikiiki - twins of alii (royal) birth. The artist or inventor. These twins served King Kamehameha 1 in aiding him to unite the Kingdom of Hawaii.   Ikiiki persons are restless and erratic and aim for the finer things in life.

June 21 to July 22
Kaaona - the a'ama Crab-the prophet or teacher. The a’ama will seize an object and would rather lose its claws than let go. Kaaone persons are very patient. They can face their problems and survive hardships. They are sensitive and aggressive. The Kaaona Children are dstined to be attractive and loveable..(this is what the Hairy Hermit Crab is called in Hawaiian)

July 23 to Aug. 22
Leo-Ku Mask
Hilinaehu the Ku, an akua (god) king or president. These persons are proud, generous and trusting people. They are straightforward and accept life's realities in a pleasurable way. They're always in full control of their field of thought.

Aug 23 to Sept. 22
Virgo-Virgin Pele
Mahoe Mua is the virgin Pele - The craftsmen or critic. Pele is the goddess of fire - volcanoes, who created many craters such as Diamond head and Haleakala. Those under this sign are said to have creative powers. They are exact, intelligent and virtuous. Like lava, their hearts are not easily melted. When it erupts it takes a long time to cool.

Sept 23 to Oct 22
Libra-Gourd Scales
Mahoe Hope, Gourd Scales, the statesman or manager, symbolizes justice. By holding the Gourds of Truth in the balance. The gourds contain the essence of a long, productive life,(the Hawaiian cremate their dead then place their ash's in a special Gourd with sand on top to weight it or a special rock and this is placed in the ocean)these persons have a unique strength in concentration, Hawaiians believe destiny was in their Aumakua's (gods) balance. To be weighted and judged.   These persons are artistic, affectionate and sympathetic. They detest injustice and unfairness.

Oct 23 to Nov 22
fish Ikuwa, the Scorpion fish, governor or inspector, Ikuwa persons should not be taken lightly, they display a sharpness of the tongue and control their own destiny. Ikuwa's are the highest of priests. "Kahuna-nui", second to the King, they strike out to be heard. They are quite psychic.

Nov 23 to Dec. 21
Welehu the archer- (pana pua) the sage or counselor. The bow and arrow is only used in sport. Those under this sign are nature-loving and sport-loving people of the great outdoors. They are candid and impulsive restless but yet generous. Their strongest characteristic is their power of mental activity. They aim well with knowledge.    

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