Death And Dying


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The nineteenth century saw the development of Spiritualism and a belief that the human personality survived – entirely and unchanged – after death. People witnessed “Near Death” experiences and they brought “Reincarnation” back to the minds of many . . . along with the concept of “Karma”, which brought the “Death and dying” experience back to a more natural state of acceptance.  Most people have still not lost their fear of death . . . and we have found no way of defeating death !  It comes, in the end, –for everyone of every race and every level of consciousness.  We should practice,– during our lifetimes, – to gain the knowledge, experience and confidence that will help us at the moment of death.

There is truly nothing to fear.  Death is just a resting place on the path of evolution. Each day is a Death and a Rebirth. Each day is a “River of Life” which is to be viewed and corrected before moving on to the next day.  This process is called “Death while living”.  If one were able to understand fully, one would cry at a birth and celebrate at a death.  The balance of practicing how to “Live your life Rightly” is partly learning and practicing to master how to “Die rightly” – with no fear.

Birth and Death are but 'The “Book Ends” of our Life on Earth" . . . everything in between is for our advancement in life's schooling. We believe - and try to practice - that the passing should take place in the home, among friends.  And we try to insure that the passage of all members of this Family is accompanied by 3 1/2 days of round-the-clock chanting of The Sacred Name.

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Even Jesus had his three days in the tomb !

~ Isis Aquarian - The Source Archives