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Family Members and Those On The Path


IF YOU HAVE EVER CONSIDERED YOURSELF TO BE A MEMBER OF THE SOURCE FAMILY - or IF you think you might like to be . . . you are encouraged to Email us here.

 Please tell us a little about yourself.

IF you are a returning Family Member - please give us your name and tell us the Name (and number) that Father gave you. Also tell us a little bit about your experiences in the Family (particularly when you came and went) and where you live and what you are up to now.  Anything else will be appreciated.

IF you think you might like to be a Member of The Source Family - please let us know who and where you are - with a little bit about yourself and how you came upon this "Path".  We are spread out all over the place and we rarely gather large groups together so be aware that you will very likely have to rely mostly on Father's Love and Wisdom - through our books and music - rather than seeking to "Join" the Family - although many of those we have met over the years have become quite close with certain Family Members. 

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