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ISIS Biography

Isis Aquarian was probably the very first of the Source Family Members to actually find "Father" - as Jim Baker - while he  still owned the Old World Restaurant.  This was long before "The Source" days . . . or Father Yod. 

Isis' name was Charlene Peters, and Jim was the husband of her friend, Dora.  He was a well-known man-about-town.  Charlene was born into an Air Force family in 1942, the eldest of 7 children.  She graduated from high school in Florida and moved  to Washington, DC, to work with Senator Gurney and then became a White house aid under President Johnson.   She moved to New York to work for Braniff Airlines and then on to LA - at the  height of the Hippie/Flower children movement - where she worked with, modeled for and later became engaged to Ron Raffaelli, a famous Rock Music photographer.

After Jim Baker had created the Source Restaurant - and begun to recognize himself as "Father" - she reconnected and just walked out of all that was her life and joined him and the  nascent Source Communal Brotherhood on their Spiritual odyssey.  Isis, also affectionately known during Family days as "The Dragon Lady", was personally appointed by Father to be the Source Family’s archivist, historian and the “Keeper of the Temple”.  Besides being one of the leaders of the Family and a very active Member of the 13-woman Council (which Father appointed to handle Family business and issues), she was one of the most active photographers of Father and the Family and filmed, recorded audio (particularly each of Father’s morning “Classes”), maintained scrapbooks, helped take care of Family business and was one of Father’s 14 wives.

She has a daughter named Saturna, from the days of the Source Family, who is married, living in Hawaii and raising her first-born, Alana. 

Isis has remained Father/YaHoWha's wife, became the Aquarian Nun and now The Aquarian Crone.  Cronehood is the last stage of the Goddess Trinity ~ the Elder.   Isis remembers having visions and psychic experience from childhood.  She lives in Hawaii and travels as events dictate.

"The Great Work"
To preserve, protect, reproduce and share what we have of this legacy through books, teachings, music and film.


2000 - Isis set up our private Source Family web site – A place where the family can gather and share.

2000 – Isis and E began the work on the story about Father and The Source Family.  The work had actually begun in 1972 – when Father appointed Isis “The Keeper of the Temple and Archives”. 

2002 - The Source Foundation is founded to preserve and share Father’s legacy of teachings and music.  Electricity and Isis continue as the President and Vice President.  The Foundation is issuing and marketing the Family's  original music albums (Originally through Swordfish Records out of England and now Drag city Records out of Chicago) a CD of family Chants and the republishing of Father’s book, Liberation.

2005 - Isis and E worked with Evan Wells to produce the DVD Video - Re-Visiting Father and The Source Family.   Evan did a great job and many people have found us through it !   It is no longer available.

2006 - Isis and E actually completed the story of the Source Family to the best of their abilities and time constraints, and entitled it "The Legend of Father and the Source Family".  This Book was based on Isis' reality, as the keeper of the Family Archives, for we quickly learned that 100 people will have 100 completely different perspectives on any given story !   Isis also collected and edited all of the recipes from the original Source Restaurant – which was one of our nation’s (if not “the”) first Health Food Vegetarian Restaurants,  founded by Father in 1969.  Those recipes were published in the back of the book.  This book was sent off to the printer in Spring of 2006 to self-publish a limited edition of 250 signed and numbered copies,  3 days later – Jodi Wille – of Process Media – called to say that they would like to write a book about the Family !   She took this original book and re-edited and expanded the story and turned it into a sort of a “Pop icon”, a modern history book.  It has been read and loved by many as The Source – The Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family.

2007 – Isis and E participated in a three part series on Father Yod and the Source for NPR (National Public Radio)

2007 – Isis wrote, produced and recorded a CD entitled “Echoes of a Crone”.  Her next release will be "Bare Foot Crone". The wisdom teachings of the ages.

2007 - The pinnacle of these amazing feats is the definitive story  – The Source, the Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family.  Isis worked with Electricity for about 10 years to gather stories and information and try to reconstruct this signature story – which she has called “An Aquarian Exodus”.  This book was edited by Jodi Wille, and published by Process Media in 2007.  In 2008 it was awarded the Bronze Medal by The Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY).   It has been embraced by the younger generations and has revived our legacy and become quite a cult classic. 

2008 - Isis and Electricity co-wrote “No More Secrets, Wisdom Teachings, The Basics”.  This book creatively and thoroughly – though briefly – presents Father’s very eclectic Teachings in a simple but interesting presentation, with photos and illustrations. 

2009 - The Source Foundation released a Father Yod T Shirt through American Apparel.  It sold quite well in their stores, world wide. 

2010 - Isis produced the unique comic book - "Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source" - with Bluewater Production, a comic book company out of Washington. 

2010 - The Source Foundation proudly announced a new “Inventory, Shipping and Marketing Agreement” with Drag City Records !

2011 - Isis and E are soon to release Father’s Morning Meditation class tapes through an on-line library - working with Karl Anderson of Global Recording Artists.  You can now Time Travel back to the 70's and hear it direct from Father !

2011- Isis recently discovered more of the Family music - which was dubbed "The Lost Music" - in her archives and she and the Foundation are working with Drag City Records  to re-master and release it - for the first time.  The first two of these albums are - The Operetta and Magnificence in the Memory.

Isis’ current and on-going projects:

  • Involved in “The Final Passage” movement to protect citizens’ rights of “death with dignity,” and the right to legally have a three-and-a-half-day vigil for deceased loved ones.
  • Helps maintain the YaHoWha.org website.  
  • Co-founder and longtime Vice-President of the Source Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Associate Producer and subject of the Source Family Documentary Movie, currently in production.
  • Working with Jodi Wille to create a stunning, coffee-table, photo book of the Source Family adventures.
  • Has helped to set up and host all of the Family reunions
  • Co-producer of a line of T’Shirts with the L.A. designer Popomomo and Source Tees, reflecting inspiration from the Family teaching’s and adventures.  
  • Collaborated with a band out of San Diego - “High Mountain Temple” - to do several tracks on their CD called “The Goddess is Returning” and “On the Cross of Relativity”.   
  • Spoke at the International Intentional Communal Conference Association.
  • Has been interviewed by Flaunt Magazine, Community Magazine, XL Magazine out of Italy and the Movie "Sunset Strip the Movie", in which she presents Jim Baker/Father and his three famous Restaurants on Sunset Blvd (The Aware Inn, The Old World and The Source).  TV interview with Electricity for  "Access Hollywood".
  • Has contributed Source Archives to the books Modern Utopian by Richard Fairfield and  The Idea of the West by Doug Aitken and to The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Isis continues to work full time on an ever-expanding number of Family projects and participates in numerous Events, Internet blogs/Interviews, You Tube hits, Radio & TV interviews, Book Signings and Speaking Engagements. 

Isis and E are happy to appear as compelling speakers - to bring a unique slant to a variety of important and current topics.

May we help to inspire you to join us in making the commitment to:

        Purify our Bodies

                    Refine our Emotions

                               Elevate our Minds and

                                          Liberate our Souls . . .


Isis meditating with Father in 1974
In  our solid redwood, hand-built Temple

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