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The OperettaEchoes of a Crone

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Magnificence in the Memory

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If you are not familiar with the unique music from "The Source" this might be a good place to start !  

This album is made up of 9 unique cuts that were carefully selected from among the

"Lost Music" that was re-discovered a few years ago. 


 The back cover of "Magnificence"


~ Camp of the Gypsies
~ Nam Yo Ho Renge Kyo
~ Treat You So Right
~ Sunshine Man
~ Most Prized Possession of All
~ Fertility Dance
~ Father Whistling
~ It Doesn't Matter What You Do
~ It's a Knack

This was the first album that we put out in partnership with Drag City Records.  We are proud of this album and grateful for a growing relationship with such good people.


 Mother House MusicAs a "Spiritual Family" we gathered each morning at about 4:30 am for some very powerful and moving meditations.  During some of these very special morning Meditations Father would say:  “Let’s play some music!”   Immediately a small group of people would go into “The Band Room”.  It had to be a small troop, because our “Music Room” was actually a garage, which we had converted into a recording studio and band room ~ replete with the elegant egg cartons to try to protect the neighbor’s sensitivities.

Father loved music and he created several different bands and always encouraged the individual musicians in the Family.  And there were many.   There were song writers and performers.  There was a time when it was said that Hom was writing 3 songs a day.

Later, Father said “Let’s record !” and the albums began to come as the music energy became not only a much larger, and much more fundamental, part of Family life, but also a contributing factor in our Spiritual growth.  Father had the Sons make a couple of albums of their own music.  Some of the cuts on Magnificence come from those albums.  

There were many bands over the years, among them "Father Yod and The Spirit of ‘76", "Breath" and "YaHoWha 13" - which has experienced a resurrection in the last few years and has actually been touring again.

In the studio at the Father House, the music was almost always spontaneous and the albums were recorded completely "In the Now" and the magic was powerful - with sounds that often seemed to "Come down from the Spheres".  

Father later took a bigger part in the music and, of course, the focus became much more acute . . . based on the tremendous power of his pure Love and Wisdom!   This unique and inspiring “Focus” enabled them to hold together such a “Vibration of Being One” that we could literally change the form of music . . . we could just “Step off” . . . into the etheric worlds of spontaneous music. 

Most of us mere mortals can barely even grasp such a concept . . . and yet Father – absolutely spontaneously – “Laid Down” very powerful – and compelling – and reassuring Wisdom of the Ages !

Music Collage

As Father’s energy and consciousness were clearly growing exponentially before our eyes . . . most of the music began to be played by the core band, YaHoWha 13.  Father led it with his spontaneous Teachings, the driving beat of his kettledrum . . . and his undeniable Charisma. It was miraculous to watch those "God Men" crank up their instruments and just take off for the Stars . . . with Father leading his little band of minstrels and laying down heavy Wisdom . . . all in an easy – but forceful – flow ! 

Father created “Higher Key Records” to distribute the albums. All of this just contributes to the mystery that surrounds this  unique, Spiritual Family and our Father . . . caught up in “The Time Locks” of the momentum as we moved in the direction of The Age of Aquarius.

Mercury used to put it in perspective:  Don’t worry about it !    I know it looks like we’re gettin’ nowhere, but it’s like the movies – when you see the car and it’s moving so fast that it looks like the wheels are moving backwards – that’s the illusion we’re caught in !

Father often said that he knew that He would be Teaching through these albums after He was gone . . . Music is the Universal Language . . . and the Great “Thought Adjuster” !  He was a man who had a signature destiny.  It was his inner voice, his higher self that drove him.  He never lacked for adventure and new boundaries, but it seemed that he spent most of his life struggling to stay in his body.  His absolutely amazing life force – and the pull of his unique destiny – helped him push relentlessly forward until he became one with God and channeled the Word of God !

All his life he had Women, Children, Power, Good Looks, Opportunity, Money, Adventure, Creativity and beyond . . . Even as Father and Father Yod, he created and held together a most unique journey with the hundreds of people who became a part of this Family. The family, especially the men, were such embryos.  Some of us are still waiting to be born through his consciousness. 

He loved the music so much because he could open up . . . and relax within it, to the point that it became his ingenious channel – he could use that time and space to bring forth the wisdom and the teachings in a new way !   For he said that this would be one of the ways that he would teach long after he had left His body . . . that music was a universal language that crossed all barriers. 

We encourage you to experience the music that has never died . . . it has been kept alive since the early '70's by an underground following . . . and we didn’t even know it.  It has been passed from one generation to the other in acceptance . . . and the teachings have continued to penetrate and inspire.  It has been through the music and Father's immense Love and WISDOM that the Family has been able to gain a stronghold and continue to do Father's "Great Work" . . .

To Purify the Body . . . Refine The Emotions . . . Elevate the Mind . . .
and Liberate the Soul !

So that we may be of service to humanity.

Family in Tummy


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