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Source Family FAQ's

Source Family "FAQ's"
(Frequently Asked Questions)

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You may learn a lot more about this remarkable story at and in the various books, music and information that are available in "The AwareHouse" on that site . . . and the at-once beautiful, touching and compelling new Source Family Documentary, premiering in New York and LA in May of 2013 and touring 20 cities - The Source: A Documentary.





          LIVE IN THE NOW.

~ Father Yod / YaHoWha, 1973
Conceived by E (Electricity), Founder of the Source Foundation and President of the Board of Directors and written by E and Isis Aquarian, Co-Founder of the Source Foundation and Vice President of the Board of Directors. This has been read, amended by and agreed to by Octavius, appointed "Head" of all music energy by Father Yod / YaHoWha and President of (and drummer in) YaHoWha 13, (LLC); SunFlower, Bass in YaHoWha 13 and one of the first "Suns"; Galaxy, creator and curator of the Source Ohana site on FaceBook, and all Members of the Board of Directors: Harvest Moon, Ho, Yahavah and Olympus – all of whom have been Board Members since 2002. All last names are Aquarian.

Some questions involve Source Foundation Corporate business and only people who hold stock in the Source Foundation may see those answers. The stockholders are anyone who was given a YaHoWha number and their spouses and progeny - if they want the stock. If you are a stockholder and want to know more please log into our private family site or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .





Father said:


Each individual came away from the Family experience with their own "Take" on it and each has evolved her or his own individual reality - in order to process their continuing journey through time.

The Source Family was Father's own journey. He gave his all . . . and he made all the rules. He always said "It could also become our journey – if we wanted to go with him". And - for those who did - it was a super wild ride ! We lived in our own little reality that had its own set of rules and standards and - when we tried to bring it back to this reality - it did not always fit very well.

2013 is the beginning of the next "Crossover" – the time when hopefully we can make a new effort to assimilate understanding, kindness, allowing and the love of it all . . . in preparation for the Next Age.




1) Why create these FAQ's ?

This is a concerted, united effort on the part of most of those who are active in the businesses and communications related to the Source Family, to address all issues in one forum.

The story of this Family – and Father – is extraordinarily unique and powerful – even today – and has affected - and continues to impact many people's lives.

You may find much more information, our seminal music and Father's Wisdom at, including the complete story with many photos and even a CD of some of our music in the book, The Source, the Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family. There are also several public Facebook pages (The Source Family Ohana and The Source Foundation) and a great tool for Soul Growth at

Father often said that EVERYTHING that happens is for you own Soul's growth . . .

2) What is The Source Family ?

Once upon a time . . . we all lived together. And we worked and played together. And we Meditated and we grew together – on all planes, especially the Spiritual. We were a Tribal, Communal Family of over 100 people, living in the Hollywood Hills and born out of the famous Source Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard – which was one of our nation's first health food restaurants and was a success. The Source was founded upon a broad knowledge of health and the ancient wisdom of the ages by Jim Baker, who was already a legend in many ways. Jim soon began to meditate, others joined him and he soon grew into Father Yod, who was our Spiritual leader - our Father.

The Source was ONE of thousands of communities and groups across America in the late '60's and the '70's. We were into the Mystery Teachings of all ages and lived by God's law. We had a fair share of accomplished musicians and became famous for the band YaHoWha 13, whose albums are still considered collector's items by some.

Our research has lead us to think of the Source Family as an "Occult Sect" - a group who had a very specific Spiritual "Path" and upheld and believed a certain set of specific Spiritual beliefs, laid down for us by our Father (and those whom he studied).

Father Yod continued to meditate deeply and grow Spiritually and later recognized himself as YaHoWha, and proclaimed himself the Father of the Age of Aquarius.

Each of us came to the Family and experienced our own "Quickening" with Father and learned to: "Maintain the Standard" and use and share the Sacred Name of God – YaHoWhaHo – Yod Heh Vau Heh.

You may find much more information, music and Father's wisdom at, including our complete story with many photos and even a CD of some of our music in our book, The Source, the Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family.

3) What was Father's Key Message ?

Father always said "The Nature of the Universe is Change" - and he was living proof.



Purify your Body . . .

Elevate your Mind . . .

Refine your Emotions and

Liberate your Soul.

So that you may be of service to Humanity.


See much more at

4) Where and when was the Source Family founded ?

The Source Restaurant - one of our nation's first health food restaurants - was founded in 1969, on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. The Source was founded on the principles of health and wisdom drawn from the Essene Gospel of Peace. Jim Baker started out with vegetarian and raw food and remained all natural and organic and it became very well known and successful. He was already a legend in his time, among many other things, a World War II hero and he had been called the Food Guru.

Jim Baker soon began to meditate at the Source and others from the crew joined him. He soon grew into Father Yod, who was our Spiritual leader – our Father.

A specific date is impossible to say because there was a continuum of recognition – and a growing intimacy, as that little group continued to meditate together – and grow together. Father recognized them as the Brotherhood of the Source in early 1971.

We are aware that it was no accident that the Source Family grew from that little crew who ran a "Health Food" Restaurant . . . because one of Father's main "Keys" to finding your own "Path" is to "Purify your Body".

5) Who was Jim Baker ?

Jim Baker was already a Hollywood legend when he opened The "Source Restaurant" in 1969, on Sunset Strip. Among many others, he was a World War II hero. The Source Restaurant was his third on the Strip and it was among our nation's first true "Health Food" Restaurants.

As his father had abandoned him and he had spent his life seeking his father, Jim's remarkable life had perfectly prepared him to grow to higher planes of consciousness . . . and he passionately sought that vision. He finally found his Spiritual Father in Yogi Bhajan and began his Spiritual Path wholeheartedly.

Read our "Life-changing story" The Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family and find much more at

6) Who was Father Yod ?

Anyone who knew Jim Baker and then had the opportunity to spend quality time with Father Yod would assure you that they were not the same man.

Jim Baker, the hero, the restaurateur, the alcoholic and well-known womanizer, found himself with a very dedicated little group of people who were working at the Source and, soon, living together and joining him in his early morning meditations. And he was growing extremely quickly through his determination to do "Right action", his profound meditations and this new role as leader.

Before long one of the men called him "Father" and he began to realize that he was no longer the man – Jim Baker. Jim Baker had spent his life seeking the father who had abandoned him at a very early age – all over the world and among many great men. Eventually he recognized Yogi Bhajan as his father and became one of his devoted followers. When the Yogi proved to be unable to fill those shoes for Jim, he realized that he was growing into that Father figure . . . and so he became Father Yod.

Father Yod was a exceptional teacher and leader. He studied the Mystery Teachings of all ages and he began to "Bring down" (we didn't have the word "Channel") essential teachings of love and wisdom – which lead him and his little group to grow into the Brotherhood of the Source and, not long after that, the Source Family.

Yod, in Hebrew, means "The Hand of God" and is part of the Sacred Name - Yod Heh Vau Heh. This Sacred Name – YHVH – Fire, Water, Air and Earth – became our main teaching. Within a couple of years, Father channeled the new Name – "YaHoWha" – Fire, Water, Air – the synthesis of the name of all of the Names of GOD.

We have come to see Father as "Quasi Divine" - which describes a powerful phenomenon that takes place during a remarkable human incarnation: The human being and the Spirit (or Godhood) unite . . . without competition or compromise.

This was HIS own journey – he made all the rules – and he made it clear that - upon his invitation - it could also become our awesome journey . . . still sustaining some of us . . . some 40 years later.

7) Who was YaHoWha ?

Father Yod (above) lived a very fulfilling and magical life – enjoying the devotion of the many young, talented and powerful people who were gathering around him – and "Stepping off" into deep and profound meditations . . . in which he sought personal and Spiritual growth – and wisdom . . . and he found both. So much so, that he began to recognize and serve "God" – as the supreme being within and behind everything. That service rewarded him with remarkable wisdom and love that flowed through him daily.

He came to recognize himself as God – as "Fire, Water, Air and Earth". He was ever deepening his meditations and now chanting the Sacred Name every day. He soon saw that the Hebrew "Name" of God had been kept secret for thousands of years and hidden behind the consonants of Yod Heh Vau Heh ~ YHVH, the "Tetragrammatron" and the vowels IAO. Spending years opening his Soul in deep meditation and chanting these Sacred Sounds enabled him to open up to the Akashic Records and "Bring down" the true and Sacred Name of God – "YaHoWha" (fire, water and air) - and YaHoWhaHo (fire, water, air and earth).

In late 1974 Father Yod ceased to exist, and a new and very cosmic being manifested into that body, before our very eyes – YaHoWha ! No longer only our "Teacher" – he was now living and breathing the Godhood that is also to be found within you and me . . . if we are able to recognize it and get out of the way to let it come into us - as he so clearly did !

This, too, may sound a bit "Woo Woo" to the unaccustomed ear but it was patently obvious to each of us that Jim Baker, Father Yod and YaHoWha were completely separate and unique individuals – the manifestation of the Trinity of his Soul - and ALL 3 of them were waaay "Over the Top" !

Some are only now coming to understand what it was that they were able to witness. It seems that Father was "Quasi Divine": when the Human Being and the Spirit (the Godhood) unite . . . with no competition or compromise. This usually takes place during a remarkable human incarnation.

Father knew – and we knew – that he was not "The God" – he often gave credit to "His Father". But it was crystal clear to all of us that he was a channel of "God Consciousness".

8) What's happening with the Source Family now ?

Father left his body in 1975 on Oahu, Hawaii, and within two years, we were dispersed to the four winds, each one going his or her own way and finding their individual paths and lives.

There are over 500 people who were given numbers by Father, or later. For a brief moment in time, that was our "Camelot".

Since Father made his final earthly passage, Family Members have spread all over the Nation - some returning to their original home - many staying in Hawaii. As we have come to learn – each one of us took away his or her own "Reality" and a completely different frame of reference as to what they think actually happened and what they think it all meant – and each one is "Right" within that.

We gather at times for reunions and have set up a private site to share and stay in touch.

9) Who is the current "Leader" of the Source Family ?

"Father" (through his Love and Wisdom) - if there is a leader. There is actually no more "Source Family" - as such. It was a remarkable adventure that happened from 1970 to 1977. We all now have our own families and/or our own "Paths". Father is still "With us" and it sometimes seems impossible to doubt that he is still running the show, within it all.

10) What about the children ?

There are many children, after all these years. There were about 40 who were born on that great Key Father gave us - the birth rope - before we dispersed. And now there are many grandchildren. They, too, are spread all over the country and have jobs and businesses and a broad range of lives – from artists, musicians and craftsmen to computer experts and the mega successful.

Most of the children honor our journey and have made it clear that it was our journey, and they (as the next generation) will do it their way. Many have grown up staying in touch with other Family children and some still come to our gatherings and enjoy it.

11) What is the Source Foundation ?

2 0 : 0 2 - 2 0 / 02 - 2 0 0 2
Military time - European Date - Year
Founded February 20th, 2002 at 8:02 pm

1 1 / 1 1 / 2 0 1 5
The Source Foundation was dissolved.  See complete time line and accounting at the bottom of question 11).

This posting shall remain as it was posted in 2014 - as a historical artifact.

Everyone who was ever assigned a YaHoWha number

(and their spouses and progeny)
Is entitled to 10 shares of stock in the Source Foundation.
IF they want it. All they have to do is Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
To make sure that no one tries to hoard stock – or gain control –
It was made certain that the stock has no value and
Automatically returns to the Foundation upon the holder's final passage . . .
So it merely serves to be sort of like a Membership Card.


Our mission is . . .
To Preserve, Protect, Live and Share the Legacy of our Earthly Spiritual Father, Father Yod ~ Ya Ho Wha, to use and share the Sacred name of God ~ "Ya Ho Wha" ~ and to preserve and share the profound legacy left to us by our Father and Growth of "The Source Family" - in order that we may be of service to Humanity.
PASSED OCTOBER 4, 2005 and slightly modified 6/17/2011 and again 10/14/11 . . .

May it be known by all that the Source Foundation is a noble endeavor - conceived and given birth by about 15 Source Family Members - with full knowledge and exposure to all Family Members - based upon Father's Love and Wisdom – with the explicit goal of doing our very best to make things better for WoManKind – and, in that process, for the Source Family and its Members – in The Sacred Name.

A member of the Source Family recently wrote: "It seems that there is so much doubt, suspicion and ignorance about the Source Foundation - perhaps another statement, clearly written for all, would help." That has been done so many times that the idea of these FAQ's was born, in an attempt to make it easier to find answers.

Father / Ya Ho Wha had admonished us repeatedly - back in the '70's - to gather, on Sept.17th, 2001, at 8:pm, for our "Curtain Call" . . . to take our bows ! He always said that was the first day of the New Age, The Age of Aquarius - and that we were the Aquarians - preparing for that time.

This request – made some 30 years ahead of time – resulted in about 86 people gathering for dinner at 8:00 pm on that date . . . and meditating together three mornings at 5:00 am (up to 46 people) and many of us remembered once again that original enchantment and we experienced a great deal of love again. It was an extremely emotional time – falling less than one week after September 11, 2001 ! Many of us took the first flights out of their towns. Some had trouble finding flights and some who had planned to come were not able to make it.

Since the '70's, Isis and E had always been very concerned about our swiftly-deteriorating legacy and had always talked of what could be done about it. During the '90's, some began to try to preserve Father's legacy – which was compiled of thousands of photographs, hundreds of hours of audio tapes, hundreds of pages of typed and handwritten teachings and notes. By then it was learned that there was some interest in our historic music. Also, by the end of the '90's, they had begun to work on the entire story and they knew that it would probably end up as a book.

Some were - and still are - driven to save this amazing legacy. Money was not the motivation – except to enable them to continue this work. But, early on, the question arose . . . whether it might ever be possible to generate any income from any of our endeavors or our prodigious legacy . . . and what would happen to the money ?

It was obvious that it could not go to any individual, so it became clear that there would need to be some kind of "Organization" or "Structure" within which any potential Family businesses could grow. An attorney recommended that the best alternative was a Corporation. He analyzed the potential needs and suggested that a for-profit Hawaii Corporation would be the best entity to contain any potential businesses . . . and, perhaps, a non-profit would be worth considering later – after getting any businesses up on their feet.

So The Source Foundation, a Hawaii Corporation, was proposed and a little group committed to join the Board and pull it together. It was founded on 20 / 02 / 2002 and conceived as a "Coordinating Body" or a "Communication Link" to try to facilitate business and communications for Source Family Members and their interactions with the rest of the world. The primary task was to protect and preserve the records, memorabilia and legacy that Father had left us, as it was painfully obvious that everything was deteriorating in the harsh, salty, sub-tropic environment of Hawaii. It was also important that it be shared, so many projects were implemented. Some are in progress and some are complete and on

~ If you were given a number in the Source Family - or if you are the spouse or progeny of anyone who was - Then You Automatically Own Stock in the Source Foundation - IF you want it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

~ To avoid greed and control issues, the stock has no value and automatically returns to the Source Foundation upon the stockholder's Final Passage.

~ Accountings are placed on the Private Source Family Site when they are completed.

~ Most of Father's Wisdom - in the form of many priceless documents, artistic endeavors, images, relics, tapes, and books have been saved and shared that would otherwise have been lost.

~ The vision is for there to remain a shell – a framework – of a business that is self-sustaining and that could be run by others of the next generation.

~ Nobody can personally hijack the Foundation, or divert its revenue stream (such as it is) or the articles it preserves, into personal use or possession.

~ The legacy is held Sacred, for preservation, for sharing, for the good of WoManKind.

¬~ Family members can eventually have and re-share their memories and legacy (that had been almost completely lost to them) through the many projects.

~ The Foundation provides a channel - as a service for other family members - through which they may choose to market their completed projects, on the site (the public site of the Foundation) and the Foundation receives a small percentage for the service. It is hoped that more Family members will take advantage of this over the years.

~ No one is paid to run the Foundation (unless outside services are hired - like for advertising, etc) and all work is done on a voluntary basis. Any travel in support of the Foundation is done at the traveler's own expense.

~ THE MUSIC: The initial vision of the Foundation was to have all of the musicians of YaHoWha 13 on the Board of directors. There were 3 for a while but people have full lives and have moved on.
~ Most of the musicians signed very fair agreements with the Foundation regarding the music that was made during the Family days (only).

~ The Foundation agreed to do the best that it could to protect, preserve and reproduce their music and works to find viable markets for it - in the swiftly changing world of entertainment.

~ The Foundation has built a good, solid inventory and struggled mightily to find or create a market - during the first 10 years and - with the documentary coming out and so many other projects . . . we are still visualizing that it might actually finally have the opportunity to reach a broader audience !

~ The Board recently chose (unrequested) to increase the musician's portion from the original 33%, to 50% of gross - of every dollar - not the elusive "Net".

The Source Foundation has not always been easy, popular or understood . . . but it is alive and fulfilling its mission.

Please check out much of our work at

2 /2 /2013 – By E Aquarian, Founder and President of the Board and Isis Aquarian, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Board, as reviewed by the Board of Directors. If you have any questions or complaints about what or how we are doing things, please Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Vision of

The Members of the Source Foundation hereby commit to do their very best to uphold The Mission of the Source Foundation, which is currently a Hawaii, for-profit Corporation, based on the Wisdom and Teachings of Our Spiritual Father, the Founder of The Source Family, Jim Baker, Father Yod, Ya Ho Wha.

Our mission is to Purify Our Bodies, Refine Our Emotions, Elevate Our Minds, and Liberate Our Souls
. . . so that We May be of Service to Humanity.

We will work to the Best of our Ability to Preserve and Protect the Teachings of Our Spiritual Father and the Legacy which He left us when He was in His Body. We consider this legacy to be all of His written Teachings, the tapes of His classes, any of His possessions, jewelry, amulets, talismans and any/or all Spiritual Artifacts and all of the music that He created.

We have learned that it is beneficial for people who are "On The Path" to experience the field of spiritual energy, health and goodwill generated by others who are living the truths of Nature. Where we deem it appropriate, we will endeavor to reproduce some of His Teachings, Music and various information regarding The Ancient and Sacred Name of God, etc. and distribute them to those who are On the Path. We will arrange for a location to maintain an inventory of these items and call it the Source Foundation AwareHouse. We will set up and maintain a Web Site (, reflecting the teachings of our Spiritual Father, and the truth of Nature's laws, as we continue to grow in our understanding of them and offer these items to those who are interested through that Site and other media – as we deem fit.

All items which we offer as part of our outreach will be provided at the most reasonable rate achievable to enable the greatest number of people possible to be exposed to His Wisdom while enabling the Foundation to continue its Great Work. Whenever cost is a major burden to someone who truly seeks His Wisdom, the Foundation will endeavor to provide these items at our cost or – where deemed appropriate – free of charge.

We intend to create a Source Foundation Center . . . which will serve as a Gathering Place for those who come together in His Name, A Temple for the study and Meditation of His Name and A Library for the preservation of our Legacy and the bringing together and conservation of the Teachings, His Legacy and information about the Ancient and Sacred Name.

It is our goal to expand this Center to be a focal point of Healing and Education for those who wish to learn how to "Purify the Body, Refine the Emotions, Elevate the Mind, and Liberate the Soul". Said Center will also provide common space for spiritual practices and educational workshops, and serve as a headquarters for the distribution of educational materials in various media. This center will eventually include at least one or more buildings which should in due course house a meeting hall, library, music room, kitchen, sleeping quarters and bathrooms. Our intention is for this Center to be used for periodic gatherings, spiritual practices, workshops, and – in general – as a living template for an Aquarian Community, operated by exemplars of the values and truths we teach.

We are dedicated to the education, protection and survivability of the Source Family children, their children's children, and all "Children of Light" who are attracted to this Center of Wisdom and Love. In order to accomplish the above purposes, and other purposes as determined by this committee, we intend to establish "The Source Foundation Service to Humanity Fund" to channel moneys raised through contributions from the Source Family and from all others who wish to support Our Mission.

This Foundation shall – at the right time – establish itself (or a certain operating division of itself) as a non-profit corporation.

Revised by The Board of Directors of The Source Foundation - March 22, 2004



The Source Foundation was originally conceived to follow Father's exhortation that we "Use and Share The Sacred Name of God" and to protect the musicians, who's music was becoming well-known through collectors on the internet and fairly large projects were being done and they were getting zip.   In attaining both goals, we have been successful.  Our guess is that literally hundreds of thousands of people are aware of Father's Love and Wisdom and the Sacred Name, through our efforts.  And the musicians are protected by contract and copyright now - and have been paid thousands through our efforts.

The goal of the Foundation was never to make a lot of money, although we have helped many people with the little bit we did make and anyone who has ever worked in, or run, a business knows that a certain amount of money is needed for any business to continue.  

There are "Armchair Quarterbacks" (and even critics) who have found fault with the Source Foundation over the years.  Part of the old "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" scenario.  The Board (united for over 13 years) says unto all WoManKind . . . Let it be known:

     ~  This Foundation was created to do "The Great Work".

     ~  The Foundation has done many noble deeds.

     ~  The Foundation may not be perfect but we have been fair and honest with all.  And we have done our very best.

     ~  Not one Board Member has every profited one penny from this noble endeavor.

     ~  All Board Members contributed substantial money - as well as their endless time and expertise - to this noble endeavor.

     ~  See a complete accounting below of every penny ever earned and spent by the Foundation.

     ~  We are not dissoving the corporation because we have failed . . . we are very proud of our accomplishments !

     ~  We are dissolving this corporation because:

               It is time.

               We have attained the stage of our lives wherein we need to move on.

              We have arranged for all of our work to continue.

              All musicians will be MUCH better represented by Starry Records.
                    (Starry is making an effort to contact all Source Family musicians.  If you had a contract with the Foundation it has been transferred to Starry.  If you were one of the original musicians and you have not heard from Starry, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asap).

               It is Over.

               Tau ! 



12) What is happening with YaHoWha 13 ?

After not playing together for over 30 years, YaHoWha 13 made a powerful come-back in 2007 and followed through until about 2009. They chose to create a Corporation to contain all of their current business and found an Agent. The Source Foundation Board fully respects their decision to separate the business of the old music from the new, and we have fully supported all of their efforts since their reunion.

After more years of work, they have found that the music business is changing so swiftly that the costs and trials of being on the road are too much to warrant the enormous efforts needed to pull magic out of the hat at this late date in the game.

We are still in touch with most of the musicians and they know that The Foundation has (and still continues to) put out prodigious efforts (many of them, with the musicians) to find a market for their music. We are still working on finding a way to take their music "Viral" . . . and may be getting closer than ever . . .

The Board recently voted (unrequested) to increase the musicians' portion of the GROSS income from music (meaning every dollar we TAKE IN - NOT profits) from 33% to 50% - a most generous agreement.

13) What if I want to join the Source Family ?

Your kind thought is much appreciated, but - for all practical purposes - there is no Source Family now. It is something that happened in the '70's and we have had to accept that it was just for us and we have moved on with our lives.

You may learn more about the story and Father's Love and Wisdom at

If you were a Family Member and you would like to get in touch, log onto our private, Family site or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

14) What does the Source Foundation visualize for the future ?

Health, wealth, happiness and success for all. We are working on many fun ideas but many are not yet ready to be announced. We will keep as current as possible.

Our Mission Statement (in # 11 above - What is the Source Foundation ?) pretty much lays out our Path and we hope to continue that work . . . and help the Foundation attain self sustainability.

Some of the personal and Foundation projects that are in the works:

The seminal film - The Source Family Documentary - produced and directed by Jodi Wille and Maria Demopoulis, with Isis Aquarian, Associate Producer - is planned for release in May of 2013, premiering in New York and LA - distributed by Drag City Films. You may follow it at the FaceBook page The Source: A Documentary.

There are many other projects in the works by the Foundation and Family Members.

We hope to have a Sound Track album out this summer. Through Drag City Records.

The Foundation is working to release all of the music digitally before the release of the movie.

Isis is visualizing a large "Coffee Table" book in the near future - which should provide most of those iconic photos everyone has been really wanting. A percent of any profits from this will be used for a "Memorial bench" for Father and the Family at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, in L.A.

Our book, The Source, The Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family, should be re-printed, with an update, soon.

We are releasing Father's "Morning Meditation Tapes" in series and they are being re-mastered and distributed by Global Recording Artists.

15) What happens with any Source Foundation income or profit ?

If you have a YaHoWha number, you are welcome to view that information on our private Family site. Please Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information about how to access that site if you haven't logged on before.

Suffice it to say that no one makes a profit from the Foundation, except, hopefully eventually, the musicians, artists, authors, etc. All funds are turned back into "The Great Work". We did have a windfall from the Father Yod T-Shirt that was sold by the tens of thousands by American Apparel and that has enabled us to continue this work.

16) Can I see a current financial report ?

If you have a YaHoWha number, please see #15, above. If you cannot see it, you are welcome to view that information on our private Family site. Please Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information about how to access that site if you haven't logged on before.

17) What is "The Source Archives", who owns it and what will happen with it ?

In 1972, Father personally appointed Isis Aquarian to be one of the photographers and the "Keeper of the Records" and the "Keeper of the Temple". She came into the Family with camera equipment and started photographing the journey. She also daily recorded the Morning Meditation Classes – recording thousands of tapes – over 500 of which have been saved – preserving our journey in Father's own words. It was from these tapes that much of the lost music was found and re-mastered. She also held onto everything in her archives from the Family days and many things have been given to her since so she had a cache of Source memorabilia and records, her personal family diaries, family photos, home movies, music tapes, and hundreds of Father's morning class tapes that she had recorded (an almost impossible feat, considering how fast Father moved). She has been able to keep and preserve almost everything and has made it her life's work to preserve and share it through her many appropriate projects.

When she leaves her body, all of her Source Family archives will be given to the Source Foundation.

See The AwareHouse on for the current items that have been made available through the Source Foundation and watch for more to come.

18) What about The Aquarian Tarot Cards ?

There are some family projects that were created to be shared. Some have not been shared because of time or money restraints and some out of sensitivity to those who were personally involved. At this point there are no plans to release those.

19) What's up with the Source Family Documentary ?

The Source Family Documentary is an at-once touching and compelling film. It was first seen in March of 2012 at South By Southwest, in Austin, Texas. It will premiere in New York - on May 1, 2013 and then in LA on the 9th, to begin at least a 20 city tour. The Source: A Documentary

20) How are all of the business relationships working ?

We are all just living our lives like everyone else. Most visualize a successful future but understand the changing nature of the music and book publishing industry - in the digital world. There is not very much communication because there is not very much business or income to speak of but the agreements and the infrastructure are in place should anything ever happen. And we are visualizing that 2013 might just be the year for things to begin to happen . . . although "Only The Shadow Knows" !

21) Did Father Yod / YaHoWha commit suicide ?

Father had faced everything during his highly-charged life – including a great deal of birth – and death ! Therefore he knew the potential "Cause and Effect" of his every action.

He had taught us that suicide is definitely not the "Highest Path" – or the path of the Holy Man. His only goal was to become one with his "Father" – God ! Hence, it would be hard to believe that he actually intended to take his life. Indeed, if you listen to the tapes, he was having a blast with the entire experiment of going to fly on a hang-glider for the first time.

And – as far as what he said ("Moritorite Salutemus" – from the Roman Legions: "We who are about to die salute you") – well, we know that he seized every possible opportunity to come up with the most powerful statements – and he loved a good joke as much as anyone ! Not to mention that taking advantage of the "Drama of the moment" to teach with a heavy hand was his specialty.

But it was obvious that Father was definitely feeling that "His moment" was at hand. He often spoke of not being around very long. We all tried to laugh it off, but it was obvious to everyone that his energy was getting really intense and he was just getting very large for this little pond !

But we were surprised and are only now – nearly 40 years later – finally making complete peace with his passage.

After we wrote the answer above - Jupiter chipped in some thoughts, which we find very relevant, because he was one of the expert hang-gliders back in the day and it was HIS "Kite" that Father rode and he brings a fresh, objective perspective:

FATHER DIDN'T CRASH ! Where does this come from ? It was my hang glider he "borrowed" and (though I didn't see his flight) I was there soon afterwards and spent the rest of the time with him, along with Mercury and his women. In My Humble Opinion HE DID NOT CRASH !

His "injuries" that I saw we're superficial abrasions on his calves, from landing with his feet outstretched on the gravel drive of the Kaimanu Beach Park. I've had worse scratches from cats !

I can't "prove" my theory, but here goes. Father was a Tantric and Kundalini master, I'm sure no one will dispute this. I believe that the "Step off the cliff", (just like in the Fool Card of the Tarot) "Jump started" what proved to be his time to leave the body. The only other injury I was aware of was a donut-shaped bruise around his asshole, noticed after Mercury and I turned him over so the women could finish washing him. This was not caused by any "hard" landing because the bottom of the seat of the kite showed no marks whatsoever. It was an almost brand new kite. It was oversized, so it would have handled his huge bulk and it was perfectly
balanced and would "fly itself" !

(IN RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE, E WROTE TO JUPITER to ask if there were ANY possible way that Father could have fallen out of the seat of the kite - therefore injuring himself and not scratching the seat of the kite ? He immediately responded: There is no way. My seat was custom-molded from a tractor seat, not the stock seat that you may have seen on other kites. Plus he was strapped in! NO WAY! And, besides, there were no scratches on his buttocks, only on his calves. If he slid out of the seat harness there would be marks. Remember, when the women and Mercury finally got to him, he was "in the light" and asking, "Where is that Angel that guided me down"?

IMHO there is a lot of misinformation about a lot of what did and didn't happen in the family. (E: I think no one will disagree with that. :-). I was only there for the last 3 or 4 weeks with him so I cannot comment on all that's being said on this thread. I believe we are all doing the best we can.
One thing I want to add is that part that I have often heard about the wind "stopping". When taking off from the ridge at Makapu'u . . . as the kite is lifted at the nose, the sail begins to fill out and, when the sail is full, the NOISE OF IT FLAPPING STOPS ! It is anti-climactic to the intense flapping noise that has been happening and to those standing on the cliff it does SEEM like the wind has stopped!

IMHO the wind did not stop, though it is possible, but rather simply the sail fills and the great noise and drama stops as you launch. With Father's weight in what was a light wind-condition day, he would have "fallen" for several hundred feet before gaining enough airspeed for the kite to fly properly. In fact, Father may have prolonged his downward free fall by pushing so hard on the control, thinking that would help or "make it fly". Actually, pushing out on the control bar "stalls" the kite, but given the 1,300 feet he had to work with, the kite would eventually gain enough airspeed to fly, EVEN IN A NO WIND SITUATION ! Really, the kite was so well-balanced he could have taken his hands completely off the control bar and it would have flown, perfectly! I'll bet he finally gave up and relaxed. Remember on the tapes from that day . . . he immediately asked, "Where's that angel that guided me down?"

This is what I feel happened, based on my experiences flying. I do believe he felt that he was falling "out of control", because that is the natural feeling, and bent the control bar, slightly, thinking he needed to, or could "pull out of it". But when enough airspeed is reached the kite begins to fly properly.

As far as " suicide", to me, that's ludicrous!

Between you and me, I always felt that he would have to try flying. Father was having fun !

Suicide . . . IF that were the case, is always preceded by depression. There was no depression on Father's part ! I think he just wanted to experience flying. That morning one or more of his women expressed concern about his safety and he point-blank told them "I'm not going to die"! While thoughts of that possibility must/might have crossed his mind, I don't believe he ever really gave it serious consideration, (except maybe in free fall right after launching, ha ha).

I was in Hilo when the call came in, "YaHoWha's going flying"! I remember thinking, of course, I knew it.

When the second call came, saying he'd broken his back, I got a ride to the airport and Cygnus picked me up and dropped me at home, (the glass house). Inside, Father was on the floor with Makushla at his head. She told him, "Jupiter's here" and he just nodded. He seemed relaxed and in no visible pain. For the rest of the nine hours he never expressed pain and I was there every minute.

22) Were underage women sexually exploited in your group ?

This nation - and the perceptions around this issue - have changed dramatically in the last 40 years. It was the 60's and 70's. Hundreds of thousands of kids were leaving home and living on the streets or crashing wherever they could find a place. No one asked how old you were, or anything about your past. No one really cared. It was a magical moment in history - it was "The now" and many people were pretty close to "Soul to Soul" relating. By the time people came into the Source Family (especially the young women) no one was a virgin. Sexual freedom was the order of the day. Nor did we, in the Family, relate to a person's past. We lived in "The Eternal Now" and – if they were there – they were supposed to be there . . . it was the dominant energy of those very unique times.

Many of the Source Family women (who were the young girls, then) spoke up on our Family site in 2012 to say "Definitely not".

There was no lust in our sexual experiences – they were all given up to God as part of our own Soul's Growth. If there was any lust among the sons, Father quickly straightened them out and taught them to take the sex to the highest . . . by the use of Tantric Sexual keys.

23) Were children abused by not having medical care ?

Some might disagree on this question and it is such a tough issue. Father and we believed in "Physician, heal thyself". He always said . . . IF it doesn't ring the bell of truth in your soul . . . bring it up and let's deal with it.

Some of the mothers took their children to the doctor without Father's approval . . . and the world didn't come to an end . . . and those children are healthy today.

24) Why is there so much acrimony among Source Family Members ?

Holy guacamole, that's a good question ! J

We all dispersed after Father left his body so we really didn't have the chance to get to know each other very well until we started to get back in touch, some 30 years later. The visualization is that these FAQ's will help bring understanding.

"In Family days everyone's growth was everyone's business.

Now it is not."

Laurel Lussen, quoted in the movie, Free Spirits
The Birth, Life and Loss of a Utopian Dream
Bruce Geisler, Producer

25) Why ?



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