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I am Electricity Aquarian (often called “E”), a stalwart "Son of YaHoWha".   And now an accomplished author, creator, harbinger of "The Age of Aquarius", Dream Weaver - Teacher of "Enlightenment !    

And student of the same - as we all are, until we either reach it - or we're outta here.

I was born in 1945, and - when I was 6 years old - I stood up in the pulpit in front of a congregation of people at the Park Street Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, and said that I was going to be a minister if I had to build my own church !   Well, the "Religion" part of that commitment was never really important to me after a pretty young age - but I guess it’s true when they say that the Lord works in mysterious ways !  Father called us "The Religion Of TEN" - The Eternal Now.


I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1968 and then began my journey to find something “Better and higher”.   I left the  very next day for San Francisco - where I caught the tail end of the dying "Summer of Love".  I then spent several years teaching High School at an American School in Switzerland where I began to "Hone the edges" - to actually begin to realize that there actually WAS a “PATH”.  Most would say there is no connection, but I know that it was partially because I had just become a vegetarian, in 1971.  I have lived in San Francisco and the Bay Area many times and began to congeal my Spiritual journey when I left there in 1973 to help my Spiritual Brother – Electric – pursue the elusive success that his music deserved.

We found zero success with the music but we did find my Spiritual Father – Father Yod (later, Ya Ho Wha) – at his Kohoutek Comet concert in Venice, California in early 1974 (on Clear Light).  I went through a few changes, wrapped up my businesses in San Francisco, and came to stay with The Source Family on September 17th of that year.  All men who came into the Family started off washing dishes full time in our restaurant.  Talk about a meditation !           
Electricity behind Father, San Francisco '75


After   Ya Ho Wha  left his earthly body in 1975, I fell in love with, and married, Harvest Moon Aquarian (also a Member of the Family and a Council Member) in 1977 and we are still happily married.  We have raised 3 awesome young men and welcomed our first granddaughter in early 2009.  During this Holy Union, we have created and founded many businesses based upon Father’s wisdom.  Harvest and I have owned and managed Emerald Isle Properties - Real Estate with Heart - on Kauai and the Big Island, in Hawaii, since 1990.

Here is an Outline of "The Great Work" I have been doing - as "Electricity" - for the last 10 years (much of it with Isis). 


2000 - Isis set up our private Source Family web site – where many of us – now scattered all over our nation – gather to “Chat” (in the CyberWorlds) every day.  E helped her administer it for about 7 years.


2000 – Isis and E began the work (in earnest) on the story about the Family – which was a huge endeavor and wasn’t finished until 2007.  Actually, we guess it’s still not finished !   The work had actually begun in 1971 – when Father appointed Isis “The Keeper of the Temple”.  She had made several efforts to find someone to help her with this project over the years.  It was an epiphany when she realized that E cared deeply, was willing to take the time and had the writing skills necessary to get that book moving !   That was just the beginning of a creative partnership that has moved heaven and earth to reproduce and share Father’s legacy.


2002 - The Source Foundation was conceived to preserve and share Father’s legacy of teachings and music.  Electricity was the mastermind of the concept and met with an Attorney to set up a legal, Hawaii Corporation.  E and Isis continue as the President and Vice President today.  E has shepherded the Foundation through its birthing years and has held “The Vision” by building a small – but surviving – business which has managed the re-issuing and marketing of 6 of Father’s original albums, a CD of his Chants and the republishing of Father’s book, Liberation, in 2004.  Isis and E coordinated the effort to gather much wisdom about assorted subjects to be published in the back of that book.  An overview of much of this work can be seen by perusing “The AwareHouse” (on your left at the top).


2005 - Isis and E worked with Evan Wells to produce a student movie about the Family, as his senior project - Re-Visiting Father and The Source Family.  We are very proud of Evan and his video – Evan did a great job and many people have found us through it !   It is no longer available.


2006 - Isis and E actually completed the story of the Source Family to the best of their abilities and time constraints.  They learned from that experience that 100 people will have 100 completely different perspectives on any given story !   Isis also collected and edited all of the recipes from the original Source Restaurant – which was one of our nation’s (if not “the”) first Health Food Restaurants and founded by Father in 1969 – and published them in the back of this book.  The book was sent off to the printer in Spring of 2006 to self-publish 250 signed and numbered copies and – 3 days later – Jodi Wille – of Process Media – called to say that they would like to write a book about the Family !   She took this original book and re-edited and expanded the story and turned it into a sort of a “Pop icon”, a modern history book.  It has been read and loved by many as The Source – The Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family, BELOW.  Available in our AwareHouse. 


2007 – Isis and E participated in a three part series on Father Yod and the Source for NPR (National Public Radio)


2007 – Isis wrote, produced and recorded a CD entitled “Echoes of a Crone”.  Her next release will be "BareFoot Crone".  The Crone is the final stage of “The Goddess Trinity”.  Available in our AwareHouse.


2007 - The pinnacle of these amazing feats is the definitive story  – The Source, the Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family.  Isis and Electricity worked hand in hand for about 10 years to gather stories and information and try to reconstruct this signature story – which she has called “An Aquarian Exodus”.  This book was edited by Jodi Wille, and published by Process Media in 2007.  In 2008 it was awarded the Bronze Medal by The Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY).  We have had many people share touching stories of how this book has changed their lives - or brought back cherished memories of that time frame.  It has been embraced by the younger generations and has revived our legacy and become quite a cult classic.  Available in our AwareHouse.


2008 - Isis and Electricity co-wrote “No More Secrets, Wisdom Teachings, The Basics”.  This book creatively and thoroughly – though briefly – presents Father’s very eclectic Teachings in a simple and interesting presentation, with illustrations and photos.  Available in our AwareHouse.

2009 - The Source Foundation put out a T-shirt of Father Yod  in partnership with American Apparel that sold the world over.


2010 - Isis produced the unique comic book - "Father Yod, Yahowha13 and the Source" - with Bluewater Production.  Friends and critics alike have loved  this very different comic book.  And we are proud of it.


2010 - The Source Foundation proudly announced a new “Inventory, Shipping and Marketing Agreement” with Drag City Records !


2011 - Isis and E are soon to release Father’s Morning Meditation class tapes through an on-line library - working with Karl Anderson of Global Recording Artists


E recently completed the first anthology of his poetry ("Don’t Buy This Book, Unless . . .", under his "Nom de Plume" for about 40 years, Brunson Adam) and he hopes to make it available in the AwareHouse soon, complete with a DVD of the Poet reading most of the works.  Don’t worry, pretty poetry it ain't about flowers and such !   It has taken him over 40 years to craft some pretty powerful and evocative stuff !  NOT for the casual reader.


As the visionary and President of The Source Foundation (since 2002), Electricity works full time on the Foundation and a multitude of Family Projects – many shared with Isis.  So – although he also has a full-time “Day job” (can you spell “Workaholic”, kids?) – E is absolutely committed to “The Great Work” – to  preserve, protect, reproduce and share Father’s legacy, through Books, Teachings, Music and Film.  Isis and Electricity are working to expand the reach of their Speaking Engagements. 


E is thankful – for he knows that he is deeply Blessed – to have had the opportunity to serve his Father – and in some small way repay the immeasurable gift of his “Love and Wisdom” – which basically saved his “Okole” (tushy in Pigeon) !       

You can read more about Father and the Source Family in Our Source - and get a good idea of the fascinating Work that has been done by taking a tour of the AwareHouse.

Isis and E are available for speaking engagements  - and will provide unique, helpful perspectives on a variety of  important and compelling topics.

Electricity T. Aquarian, wearing his original "Tahuti Belt",
Made by Sunflower in 1974- Tahuti is the Aquarian word for Mecury

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