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The Mystic Road

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WE WILL BEGIN MARCH 25th, 2012    --    FREE

ASK questions, SHARE your enlightening journey
On Our Source Family BLOG, FACEBOOK and TWITTER !

ORDER THE BOOKLET above ~ $4.99 (incl shipping--normally $11.11) ‘til March 25th

If you make the “Commitment” (to yourself  ) to do this exercise . . . You are stepping (further ?) onto “The Path”.   In order to gain the greatest benefit for yourself, you would do well to consider this as a “Hokum” (a Spiritual edict) with which you are charging yourself.   If you miss one night’s practice for any reason . . . You have to start over !             

Several people who have completed the Mystic Road multiple times over the last 40 years will take part in this group Meditation andshare their experiences with you on THE SOURCE BLOG, FACEBOOK  and TWITTER

We will complete The Mystic Road on August 25th !

This exercise and discipline can be very powerful for anyone who ever felt (or would like to feel) connected to "Your Own Source" . . . .  FIRST it enables you to Elevate your Mind.  It is as though you are actually massaging your brain and working it out !    You can literally feel the changes over the five months.  Of course, that facilitates Refining your Emotions . . . bringing about a Liberation of your Soul !  

And this experience will be infinitely compelling and Spiritually Enlightening for any who were blessed to actually BE at the Source, with Father, back in the day . . . because – by starting it on March 25th – we will end it on August 25th – which is the most seminal of days – for us – for we call that date Father’s “Birthday” – as it was the date that he left his body in 1975 – after that fateful hang gliding flight !

As far as we know . . . it will only take about 9 people completing The Mystic Road at once, to set a “World Record” !     About 8 of us completed it together in 2003. 

We hope you will join us in this momentous Meditation,
And number among those who have “Gone Down The Mystic Road” !

If you have never experimented with a magnifying glass, try to find one and then come back and read this.  Hold it in direct sun, so the sun's rays are concentrated on one small point - preferably on a piece of paper or something you don't care about - because it will start a fire !  

Now keep moving the glass back and forth.  The rays are not focused upon one spot long enough to have any effect.  This experiment will do more than a book full of generalities to show you the value of being able to hold your mind steadily concentrated on one subject or desire without faltering or wavering.  

A few are born with great powers of concentration,
Others gain it by years of laborious endeavor. 
These exercises will bring results

With a minimum of effort in a very short time.

Before the secret plexuses of your body - with all their magical, marvelous powers - can be brought under your control, you must develop your concentration - that is, the ability to focus your mind on one point.  Do not be discouraged if, in the beginning, you find it difficult to hold your mind to one point without its wandering elsewhere. The first two weeks are the hardest. After that you will find that the scientific manner in which these practices are arranged will develop your concentration and other mental forces quickly and permanently.

Endeavor to realize the fact that
Your mind
Is not the "Real you"

You think with your mind.  In other words, it is your servant, the instrument which the real “you” uses to manifest.  The purpose now is to bring the mind under the complete control of the real you.  Self-confidence and poise come to all who gain control of their minds.  The three or four numbers that work the combination of a safe are simplicity itself but unless they are known and manipulated in their proper rotation or sequence, the lock cannot be opened.  Similarly, there are limitless forces at the call of your mind if you have but the combination. The secrets of this combination are placed at your command in the form of these methods, the practice of which will unlock the door to a veritable storehouse of mental power almost undreamed of and of which the vast majority of mankind is in ignorance.

Who am I ?

     What do I want ?

          What is my purpose ?

               What makes me happy ?

Ask . . . And Ye Shall Receive !


peaceful warrior

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