The Crone


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A Crone is an older woman – who has been crowned with the Wisdom of the ages.  She always remains the youth, the maiden and the mother . . . as well as crone.  The secret hidden in this great mystery is that the first three stages of a woman's life bestow the power to create the kind of crone that she could become !

Modern Man has lost sight of the MATRIARCHAL SOCIETY – in which the Mother, or female elder, was the literal and Spiritual Head of the Family or Tribe. The terms and images that define Crone today have come down through a male-dominated Patriarchal Society.  In days gone by, Cronehood meant Women of age, wisdom and power . . . the wise Elder Woman.  The Crone led the way to the balance, peace and understanding . . . as well as the preparation for Death, which led to the understanding of “Rebirth” for the tribe.

These Crones were revered . . . because they were grounded in the Wisdom and Love and because they understood the cyclical essence of Nature.  They had harvested the experience of many cycles and would pass their Wisdom on to the tribe.  They were the caretakers, a SACRED TRUST !   

As consciousness shifted and the Matriarchs were challenged by the men, the power shifted and slowly the men gained control of the Temple . . . and then the home.  This power was won by genocide.  Witch burnings and giving the women no rights . . . even owning women as property, became the accepted norm.  That has been balanced to some degree as the consciousness of Mankind swings wildly . . . now heading in the direction of Wisdom again.  In today’s world the media and advertising industries still harbor some of the old mores . . . in their use of women as sex objects and by thriving on people’s fear of being old, ugly and unimportant.

The Patriarchal cycle – with its wars, unrest, imbalance of nature and relationships – is finally drawing to a end.  Through a re-awakening of consciousness . . . THE GODDESS IS RETURNING ! 

The feminine principle is flowing into every nook of consciousness. We are slowly becoming a more compassionate and wise society.  Finally we are becoming more aware of ourselves, learning how to heal our dysfunctions and our wounds and finally beginning to shine some Light back into the shadows.

Croneship is a “Rite of Passage” (usually associated with the change of life, menopause).  “MENO” means a “Rite of bringing back into being our own life”, coming from “MENSES”, which means the rite of bringing into being other lives.  The other Rite of Passage of a woman is puberty.

~ Isis Aquarian - The Source Archives