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Isis Aquarian,

I owe you many thank yous for the gifts that you have given to me.

Your book, your life and Father have led me to find a strength in myself that I have never known before. I've spent so many years searching, trying to understand how to be a complete human being and I have deveoped such a thirst for life and understanding, but I was never able to hold onto the bliss I would find.  There was always a continuity to the information that would find me, but I never knew what to do with it.  Last year I started studying Ayurveda and through beginning that discipline, for the first time I truly understood how much the spirit could be affected by the body and my spirit soared.

Then I got your book and now something profound is happening inside me.  My eyes are opened and so many things are falling into place.

There is finally an order and a discipline that make sense to me and I am able to find the beauty of Sadhana (which before I did not understand). My neighbor (who has also read your book) and I have begun waking as early as we can (usually before 4am), chanting, learning Kundalini Yoga and singing Ya ho Wha.  I have read your book

3  times now, started eating raw,I am 150 pages into The Secret Teachings Of All Ages and watched some amazing Yogi Bhajan lectures on youtube.  I have seen such amazing changes in myself since i started saying and singing Ya Ho Wha.  It has given me so much power to know the name of this beautiful happening that I find myself a part of.

YaHoWha.  So bless your soul so many times for teaching it to me.  I can feel God all of the time now.

Ya Ho Wha




I work for NPR transcribing their newscasts, and I came upon your group through a story that they did on the upcoming book that you guys are putting out.  I was attracted mainly because I am a traditionalJew and I heard chanting of what appeared to be the four letter name of God.  Now, I am a person who is very interested in ideas out there now about consciousness shift.  I have had many personal experiences concerning this and also have several close friends who feel the same way.  I am open to all the different ways in which people approach this issue and have read about it extensively.  It has always bothered me how the Jewish tradition seems to be the one world tradition that is excluded by every writer I've seen on the subject.  Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, they're talked about extensively, and Kabbalah is brought in extensively, even often evoking the Hebrew language, but the issue of the Jewish tradition is always excluded.

I was interested in your web site, especially when I saw your teacher's interesting innovative approaches to the Four Letter Name.  There are ancient Jewish Meditations which involve enunciating the four different letters in different ways for a certain number of times, and this is a very old tradition, going back more than 2,000 years. I see your Teacher teaching this, and then I scroll down to see Jesus added into these meditations.  Now, I'm not an anti-Jesus Jew.  I appreciate his messages, though I completely disagree with the context that he's put in.  And I must warn you that the Trinity and Jesus have no place with the four letter name of God.

If you take Jesus as an archetype for the way that you see the upcoming transformation, that is OK, and that will lead you to where you need to be.  But please, I warn you this for your own good, do not evoke God's name to try to merge it with the Trinity and with Jesus.  It is taught in "The Gates of Light," a 13th century Rabbinic book on the spherot,

"You should know that when one sees a tree and the middle of the bough is shaken, then all the branches and leaves of the tree are upset.  The same happens when one mentions Y-H-V-H, Blessed be He; all the heavenly hosts above and below will be upset, for all of them are connected to it."  It is no small matter to evoke God's name, and you put it into a context that is not its own.  This is not a Christian tradition, and is not something that can be separated from the context of the Torah without consequences.  God is One, not three, and not a man, any man, at any point in time.  Yes, we have God inside of us, God manifests through us, but this is very different.  Things need to be brought together now, but there also needs to be a little discrimination as to the place in which things belong.  This Unity is a unity of different groups, and this name is not for your group.  By using Jesus, you are not a Jewish group, though there may be Jews with you.  Please respect our tradition, as you ask the same from us.



I am Isis Aquarian and - along with Electricity - we wrote the book and put up the web site.

Thank you so much for your email and sharing.  We are very excited about the name of God YHVH and learning what we can about the true ancient traditions that have been preserved and not lost by the Hebrew worlds.

We think it is time for all to release their secrets "NO MORE SECRETS" FOR THE EVOLUTION OF MANKIND as we move into a new age of enlightenment.

However, I do agree that some teachings should not be given without proper preparation.

WE do not believe that God is man  ...God is God, but he can be in Man as Man is not God but can have God within him.

The Yod He Shin Vau He is Jesus...not necessarily the man or myth known as Jesus but a concept of God giving us a savior, some say his son the Hebrew was a savior?

So the name YHSVH is a concept of one from God or being a part of God here on this Earth as Man, the concept of Jesus is just the example or prototype of a new man as son of God doing things in the right way for a new age of being..... a person that evolves into a god conscious being  for the next evolution of mankind...spirit... a spiritual being.  They say we are humans with a spiritual destiny and birthright..or we are spiritual beings having a human experience either makes us God and or part of God be it there or here?

Any input you have and any further reference for us to learn more, please let me know....I am always open to learning, merging and understanding others with non judgment, kindness and allowing.

Thank  you,

Isis Aquarian

The Source Family

---- This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it wrote, after our interview: 

Hi John!! Amazing! I had a profound experience two nights ago listening to your interview with the Source Family... I actually had no idea that it was you until the very end. I just was blown away by the whole show- just the whole time, thinking, "What am I listening to??!"  because I remember as a kid seeing the Source restaurant all the time- I might have even gone in there - I just can't remember. I grew up right off Sunset- and they totally gave me this nostalgia for the best part of my childhood LA experience - with its slummy and idealistic offshoot of hippy culture - simultaneously enlightened and damaged -- wow... I just kept having images of the Source sign that I really miss-- its been gone so long - and I had No idea

it was connected to this community!  and when the announcer said, "John Allan" at the end I could hardly believe it. I couldn't go to their concert but I imagine it was amazing.

Wow... What an amazing tribute you gave - I thank you so much for your show. Just an absolute gift from heaven. 

part 2/2nd email

Actually it was almost like something was in the air that day and your radio interview felt nearly like the final grand slam. I had been reading a bunch of Buddhist texts earlier in the day, and also for some reason the book of Job in the old testament- and the funny thing was I was driving to pick up a TV and just adjusting the dial to find anything other than npr and then all of a sudden I hear a guy ask about, "Father yod" and that's when I just couldn't stop listening. Your approach to the interview was perfect.  In fact there were moments when I couldn't exactly tell who was asking questions or what it all was - It was really just almost like listening in to a conversation which is what the absolute best interviews are like -- almost like being a fly on the anyhow - So Awesome!!!  Thanks  John!

I have been thinking about it for days.   




Just wanted to drop a line to say that I'm a fan of the music that I've heard from the family, (the cds that were released in 1998 I'm referring to). I also read some of the text on the website, and found it to resonate well with me.

Take care, good luck.


New York City.



My name is Eric, I am a music journalist, and I would like to inquire about the possibility of obtaining promotional CDs of "The Lovers and the Chariot" and "The Operetta." I have already purchased the "Penetration" LP at a store. And I also have a copy of "Liberation" book.


I would like to write a combined feature review of the three albums.

As to where it would be published, that would depend on when it was finished. Though probably in Signal To Noise magazine, a print publication.


I run a small record label, so I understand the cost of promotion. I would gladly pay the postage on these recordings.


Thank You




Hello My Brothers and Sisters,

         How wonderful life is. What a circle.........My name is James Edward Baker.

I believe.........

My life is so similar. I am 55 years old. I have been touched by God..........many, many , times.

I have traveled..........and strange as it seems, I have a client who is starting up a hang-gliding school in Northern California. When I lived back in Ohio.........I read about the death of James Edward Baker....and his "cult" of believers. Very unusual. My boss was intrigued with my story and did a websearch and found your site.

I want to know more about you. I feel a need to know more about you and your Family.

Please email me. Let me know if you are "waiting" for a sign or anything. Tell me about your Hawaii home.

            Thank You,  James E. Baker


(Below is the response to James)


Aloha !


I don’t know if anyone responded to your great Email but we do appreciate it – even though it got eaten in our computer crash. I am sending you, pasted below a little “Press release” that we have prepared for various purposes. I hope this quenches some of your curiosity. If not, there are some interesting books available on the web site (which is currently being re-designed and should be up in the next month or two). Liberation was written by Father – when he was young in spirit – and we have updated it with a little overview of his life and the Family. We were not a “Cult”. We were a Spiritual Family – closer than most flesh families.


The Source Recipe and Family Book is being re-printed now but should be available in a couple of months and it has a better story of our history. You could also listen to some of his spontaneous music that is available on the site.


We are not “Waiting” for a sign. We live in grateful appreciation that we had the time that we did with a God-conscious being and we try to use and live within the ancient and Sacred “Name” of God . . . which He came to teach us . . . Yod Heh Vau Heh . . . . Ya Ho Wha.


Good luck on your “Path” !


The Source Foundation



It is just recently that I've hit so many sites containing information on the Brotherhood of the Source.

When now as an adult, I think of the time that I spent living with the Brotherhood (for a short time in CA), as a child, I feel an extreme amount of pain that I just don't understand-My heart aches even now as I send this email.

Of course I had harbored a great amount of anger at my parents for taking me there and anger for them taking me away...But in the end it's these type of life experiences that shape us, makes us who we are.

I am grateful for the experience and would like to thank the number of women, at the Brotherhood while I was there, who looked after me and treated me like an "Angel."

Life, Light and Love to all of you!



Hi i would like to buy some of your lps.can you let me know the ones that you have for sale.been looking at ebay for some time now for a copy of yahowa 13 savage sons swordfish reissue no luck. thanks and all the very best to you. steve from California. p.s. hope to hear back from you.



Hi Yahavah,

I received the items today. Thank you very much, also for the "Star

Exercise". I'm really looking forward to read the book and listen to the

music. The CD is great with the pictures and the booklet. I hope the other

CDs will be available in the next months; also the Source Family book. I'm

sure that I'll order some items again in the future.

Best wishes,



Here is Wolfgang from Austria writing.
I was delighted to find your YAHOWHA site recently, being a "fan" of your music.
The box set is just terrific.

I would so mch like to buy the book "The Source Family Story", but it is written that it is not available at the moment.
Please let me know when the reprint will be for sale or maybe you have a spare copy of the old edition you could sell.

It would be nice to hear from you.

Thanks and all the best




Do you know where I can find the entire CD's from Ya ho wa on Captain trip ?

Best wishes from Paris



Jim taught that a true man of the Spirit earns his own way and does not take donations.
Not that he didn't live off of the hard work of his followers (he never worked a day in the Source once he started the "family").
I'd say that you're  a disgrace for asking for donations, considering what Jim taught. But then very few of those of us who followed him, actually lived up to the teachings that he deciminated. You're obviously still brain washed by that meglomaniac and living in a time warp.

Time to grow up!

(unsigned – of course – and, although we think we know who it is, did not respond to a query as to his enlightened identity . . . so that he could help us “Get it” )


To: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Subject: Liberation: book orders

I am interested in ordering copies of your book LIBERATION for our bookshop. Could you please let me know if we could place a wholesale order from you-- and how you'd prefer payment. I'd would also like information on other books or music that you distribute. Thank you.


Please respond to the e-mail. thank you.



I'd like to know if you have still copies of "penetration" and "the operetta".

I'm from France so i'd like to know the total amount with shipping cost vai airmail for cd's or vinyls.

I guess you accept paypal payment.

Have a good time and take care


Hello Yahavah,

Thanks for your message, which arrived just as I finished listening to the ‘Expansion’ album (almost to the second).  I’m pleased to hear that my proposal to offer some of these on my web site has been approved.  Here is how I think we should proceed:

€ To start with, I will just offer books online (since that is what is most suitable to my site).  I will however refer anyone who buys from me or inquires about them to your web site.

€ Specifically, I think I should list the following titles: ‘Liberation’; ‘The Source Family Story’; ‘The Source Restaurant Recipe Book’ (and maybe ‘The Mystic Road’ if that seems appropriate).

€ The number of copies you wish to send to start with is up to you; but probably 3 to 5 of each would be plenty.

€ I will email you a copy of my book descriptions (advertising copy) before posting them online, for your approval.

€ As we have agreed, I will list items at your price + 20% online, and will pay you full price as items are sold.  If the agreement ends for any reason I will return all unsold items to you.

€ I don’t need a contract for this, but if you wish to include a receipt with whatever you send me on consignment I can sign it and return to you as an acknowledgment that I have taken the merchandise on.

€ My office address is probably best for shipment (please package carefully to avoid damage in transit):


Please let me know if this is OK.

BTW, did you hear that Gypsy Boots just passed away on Sunday?  That’s too bad as I was just thinking of contacting him.

With best wishes,






We're record shop in Japan.I'm interested in carry Yahowha cds.

Could you send me a wholesale list?