YOU DON’T DO IT . . . BUT YOU DO IT.           

Source Foundation

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20:02   20/02   2002

THAT IS . . . 8:02 PM ON FEBRUARY 20, 2002 !

This Foundation was created in an effort to form a framework through which those who vibrate to becoming closer (on a Spriritual, mental or physical plane) may do so and as a way to facilitate Family business and the protection of our legacy. It would come to function as a hub. Each body has to have a head with cells of the body functioning in their comfort zone, but all are necessary for it to work !

The board is here to protect and further Father's legacy and Teachings.   The Source Foundation will also protect the various sacred Names of Father, the Teachings and the music of the Family.

“O U R   M I S S I O N” 

To purify the body, refine the emotions, elevate the mind, and liberate the soul . . .

so that we may be of service to humanity.

From our understanding that people must experience the field of spiritual energy, health and goodwill generated by the living of the truths of Nature, we intend to create a center of healing and education for those who wish to learn how to “Purify the body, refine the emotions, elevate the mind, and liberate the soul.”

We intend to acquire and establish an “Educational Center” on acreage, in a peaceful place, to preserve records and teachings of our Spiritual Father, Ya Ho Wha, to provide common space for spiritual practices and educational workshops, and to serve as a headquarters for the distribution of educational materials in various media.  This center will include at least one or more buildings housing a meeting hall, library, music room, kitchen, sleeping quarters and bathrooms.  Our intention is for this center to be used for periodic gatherings, spiritual practices, workshops, and in general as a living template for an Aquarian community center, run by exemplars of the values and truths we teach.

Our educational outreach will be provided free to those seekers who prove themselves worthy of receiving it.   Just as we received wisdom and love from our Spiritual Father freely, we will not charge true seekers for knowledge we gained at no cost.  Voluntary contributions will be accepted, but not required.   Any projects which we undertake will be done at cost plus a minor operating profit to enable us to continue these services.

To further reach seekers of truth in all the world’s regions, we intend to design, launch and host a website reflecting the teachings of our Spiritual Father, and the truth of Nature’s laws, as we continue to grow in understanding.

We are dedicated to the education, protection and survivability of the Source Family children, their children's children, and all “Children of Light” who are attracted to this center of wisdom and love.

To set up protection for Births and Deaths in accordance with the laws of Nature and Our Spiritual beliefs.

In order to accomplish the above purposes, and other purposes as determined by this committee, we intend to establish a fund to channel moneys raised through contributions from the Source Family and from all others who wish to support Our Mission.