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Aquarian Planet Names

    In the Source Family - in the early days – Bonadea (one of our sisters) had an experience in which she left her body and flew past all the planets ! There were 13 of them . . . and each one made its own sound and gave her a Name. Bonadea was our one of our Family Astrologers . . . and she brought this back to Father and He made a list of the new Names and Symbols. We even had a song that the children sang with all the names.

Sun – Omne
Mercury – Tahuti
Venus – Ahom
Earth – Shalom
Moon – Soma
Mars – Tauom
Jupiter – Spirom
Saturn – Solom
Uranus – Elom
Neptune – Vauom
Pluto – Surralom (planet of death)
Cylom – Cylom   (planet of liberation)
Hom – Hom   (planet of renunciation)      

The Song:
Omne, Tahuti, Ahom, Shalom, Soma . . .
Tauom, Spirom, Solom, Elom, Vauom . . .
Suralom, Cylom lead us Hom - Surralom, Cylom lead us Home.