TO ADVANCE UPON THIS PATH . . .

The Sacred Breath

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Meditation is Your Key that opens the door to the Spiritual World . . . . A world so beautiful that none, having once entered, want to ever leave . . . . . But there is work to be done, so back to the Earth all the Spiritually mature Ones must come. All is not “Work” however. There is a time early in the morning before the day begins that has been “set aside” just FOR YOU. At that time the “channels” are the clearest, The “station” has been chosen . . . You turn yourself ON. 

The most necessary elements of your Altar are:

A picture of a Man who you feel to be “A Man of God”. It can be any of the past or present Prophets. It can be an artist’s conception of this man. The stipulations are only two: He Should be one who has never caused you doubt, disappointment or disillusionment, and his eyes should be looking straight at you;

There should be two or more candles lit around the picture. Of optional importance, but I feel very helpful, are living plants in pots and incense.

The Posture you assume may be any, the important thing is that you sit without movement (even the slightest). One should sit as though “listening” with every fiber of One’s Being, but relaxed.

The “pose” you choose should be held for a minimum of thirty-six minutes. This is the usual time required before one enters the Meditative State.

Don’t give up . . . “Perseverance furthers”. Hold your concentration without blinking or shifting the eyes until the eyes begin to water . . . at this time . . . close the eyes and “contemplate” the “third Eye point” (is a realization beginning to flash you?) at the top of the forehead. Breathe when you MUST, otherwise, hold out without effort or strain. Sit without movement of the Eyes, hands or feet, and try to reproduce the picture that is in front of you in your mind’s eye. It will want to fade away . . . Other thoughts will push their way into your mind, and each time this happens you must, “Slay the slayer of the Real” . . . Eventually the mind will be yours.  Practice this exercise for 36 minutes the first week, and increase the time of practice by six minutes a week until you can sit for One and a half hours without movement. After this accomplishment (and you are to be congratulated, for this is quite an accomplishment), you can increase the time according to your own desire and needs. It has been written that three hours is necessary. In this Age of Speed, I doubt the necessity of this, but it still might “feel right” for some . . . So do what you will.

In a very short time you will discover that during those moments (at first “success” is measured by moment) when you succeed in forgetting all else except the desired point of concentration . . . You will have forgotten to breathe, and you will be brought back with a “start” at this discovery. You are on your way . . . You have entered the “stream”, you now have only to immerse yourself completely. 

 Beware of the most insidious “trap” of ALL . . . SPIRITUAL EGO. It has cost more than One Soul the price of a return ticket. How can there be ego . . . when you know we are All One ? Your brother’s “success”, is your “success” . . . His, “failure” is your “failure”.

But if you see either success or failure . . . you understand it not.

The very “best” time to Meditate is in the early morning before the Dawn. However, any time is a “good” time, provided you do not neglect your Earthly obligations.

Do not make the mistake that so many make on the Path . . . they find a little Spirituality and in the fear of (I suppose) losing it, they neglect to come down and get their Earth trip together. These spaced-out Spiritual Children can be seen everywhere today.