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Lose Memory ~
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Father would often speak of the spiritual planes with tremendous longing. His consciousness was focused there, and his Love for God, his Heavenly Father, was so great that it inspired us all. He would often compare the paltry sensations of earth and earth life with the magnificent life to come, the reward awaiting the workman who was worthy of his hire. He taught us that death was not to be feared, that it was only the death of the personality, the animal self that is the physical body. He warned that this part of our beings would always struggle mightily against death, but to know always that our souls live forever and that death really is a portal into the greater life. As beautiful as that life would be, he admonished us that it was never lawful to try to go there before your time. There was plenty of work to do here, and we were to create heaven on this earth.

He taught us many valuable things but the 4 most important are:

I - How to "Live Rightly"

II - How to "Do Business Rightly" -- by "Maintaining the Standard", etc.

III - How to "Die Rightly"

( he taught us to keep the body of the one who has left it, for 3 1/2 days to allow that one to review his or her "River of Life" in peace and without being subjected to embalming, medical intervention , etc)


IV - To know the power of - and help resurrect and use the Ancient and Sacred "Name of God" -- "Ya Ho Wha" !

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