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Where is the Family today ? What has happened to the Teachings ?

The answers to these daunting questions are making themselves ever more clear to us as we break out of the “Time Locks” of the heavy Piscean Age and enter the age of understanding, "The Golden Age" – "The Age of Aquarius". Ya Ho Wha taught us – and many of us still believe – that we have entered into this, "New Age" as of September 17th, 2001 . . . at 8:00 pm. Many of us gathered at that time in Lanikai, Hawaii -- our Sacred Portal -- to toast our survival and our growth and what we are now calling "The New Play".

Not long before he left his body, Father decided to seal the family at 140, a prophetic number, and to get land for our Family. Our mission was to spread the word about His Teachings, our music, The Ancient and Sacred Name "Ya Ho Wha" and to live as examples of his teachings.

Then he gave the 140 the mission of creating a bond with the 4,000 who were prophesied to carry on "The Great Work". Their work was to do the things mentioned above and to gather the 144,000. This would fulfill the prophecy of the "Micro City of Workers of the Light".

This will happen as a collective effort which will affect all of mankind. It is true that we are really all one . . . and as mankind rediscovers these truths in the new age, it will take all of us.

We are striving to understand what all of this means to us and to man. We are working - as individuals - to “Maintain a new Standard” in our lives. One of Truth and Love. One in which we live by the Teachings of our Father. No matter what heavy lessons we have experienced – as individuals – our souls were prepared to reach for a higher dream, an Aquarian vision of community life, and for peace and harmony on earth. Therefore, in our heart of hearts, we know that we are here to create “Heaven on Earth”.

We have now formed "The Source Foundation" to continue his Sacred Work and we are working to build a meditation center and Home Base for the Family on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Our Father knew that God was everything, and that nothing could occur that was not God. He had certain knowing that the process of creation outlined in the Name would proceed, unerringly and inevitably. The timing, as He always told us, was the only thing we could not predict. And so, even now, the timing confounds some . . . but patience rewards her devotees. Every individual Family Member was charged with the responsibility to keep alive the forces: generating, nurturing, unifying and transforming, to evolve and maintain the whole.

We are all working to try to see Father in each other, alive and well, and smiling at us. He preceded us, as our Head. Now we, as a united group, are the head of a larger body that is forming. Many of us are spreading the Teachings to other souls who are magnetized, like we were, to the Wisdom and the Love of Father’s Teachings. The Wisdom and the Love can only live if we practice them and share them with others.

Father lives in the Wisdom and the Love that we give.

And we are grateful, now and forever.

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