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Love and Wisdom

The Source

Jim Baker / Ya Ho Wha and The Source Family

~ Our Aim ~
To Purify the Body,
Elevate the Mind,
Refine the Emotions,
and Liberate the Soul,
so that we may be of Service to Humanity.

Welcome to the website of The Source Family!

Mahalo Nui Loa for your visit!

The Source Family was founded by Ya Ho Wha, in 1971. Ya Ho Wha was a man who was born James E. Baker and – after an exhaustive, lifelong search – attained God consciousness, while still in his earthly body. This is an overview of the story of Jim Baker – and his evolution into Father Yod and then Ya Ho Wha – and his spiritual Family, The Source Family, who knew him as “Father”. There were about 100 of us who stayed with him constantly, for the last 5 years of his life.

Several Family Members are working together to publish a more detailed version of this story. We are working on making the awesome music that Ya Ho Wha and His Sons created available for you as quickly as we can. Some may be found on the Music page now.

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The Source Music
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