“The Gates of Ivory” . . . are Dreams of Spirit and they will always have a meaning ! They are for the communication and receiving of messages and they always have a beginning, a middle and an end


A Quick "Time Line" of





July 4, 1922 – Jim Baker was born in Cincinnati.  Raised by his mother Cora Baker.

Mid 1945 – A parade in Cincinnati for Jim Baker, celebrated hero of World War II.  He opened Baker’s Gym of body building, judo and martial arts expert, archery and swimming champion.

1951 – Jim Baker becomes a Vedanta monk for 6 months in Los Angeles (LA).  He also explores all religions and spiritual outlets and books with his wife Elaine Baker. They open the Aware Inn on Sunset Blvd., the nation’s first organic, gourmet restaurant.  They opened up their second successful restaurant down the street called the Old World.  Jim marries Dora Jagla, from France, who began to open his awareness of the hip movement.

April 1, 1969 – The Source Restaurant was created – based on the teachings in “the Essene Gospel of Jesus Christ”– by Jim Baker, Tuesday at 11:00 am, at 8301 Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood.  Dora designs the Source, famous daisy flower logo.  Dora and Jim shortly divorce.

May, 1969 – Jim Baker met Yogi Bhajan – his first true “Spiritual Father”.

May, 1970 – Jim and Robin were married by Ann Davies, one of the founders and the “High Priestess” of the “Builders of the Adytum”, and they went to Hawaii on their honeymoon. When they returned, he held his first meditation class at the Source and – after that class – Damian and Hom began to call him “Father”.

Pre-Family – people were living in vans behind the Source and in apartments around Hollywood, while working at the Source, before we lived communally.

Late summer, ‘71 – Jim went to India with Yogi Bhajan. When he returned, he found that the Source – which had been struggling – had been pulled out of the red by Damian (whom he had left as manager) and the small beginning group of Source Family members.    Father ended up giving Damian a van for saving the Source.  He asked him how he did it and Damian said  “I just did what you told me to Father, I used your wisdom”  Father was becoming aware that he would be moving from the Yogi’s vibration into a higher, “Aquarian vibration”.  Everyone who was “now” working the Source were committed Brotherhood members.

March, ‘72 – The Family moved into the Mother House, their first communal home after Father kicked out some of the workers at the Source who were suspected of theft.

Those who stayed were the foundation of “The Brotherhood of the Source” and they would live communally and run the Source. Makushla joined the Family and soon was invited to live with Father. Before long, she was his main woman and he eventually called her his mother/angel.  Different Family councils were formed and Father began to take on several other wives.  “Spiritual law preceded man’s law” !

April 8, ‘72 – Sol Ammon was born – the first child born of the “Brotherhood”.

December 4, ‘72 – Father was taken to jail for interfering with the arrest of one of the underage women who might have been a run away.  Father said “if you take my daughter you will have to take me”, so they did.  This was shortly cleared up as she did have permission from her parents.
March, ‘73 – The Family moved into the Father house and – for the first time – Father left the room above the Source and lived with us. Most of Father’s music (with the band “YaHoWha 13” ) was recorded in the garage/band room during this period. This was his signature band with Octavius, Djin and Sunflower. Many other Family bands and musicians also recorded there.

April 21, ‘73 – Father took the name of “Father Yod”.

Summer, ’73 – A small foothold was established on Maui and quite a few came and went – even establishing a “Source Paia” – most returned that winter.


September 21, ‘73 – Father talked about selling the Source & moving to Hawaii.

September 23, ‘73 – The mothers and children were sent to Maui because we had heard that social service was going to make us put them in public schools, etc.  We had been home schooling them.  They later returned to Los Angeles.

January 11, ‘74 – The Kohoutek comet concert at the Venice Pavillion.

February, ‘74 – Father took on the name “Ya Ho Wha” in commemoration of this ancient and most sacred name and in order to “Give it freely”.

April, ‘74 – Father assumed the sacred name “Ya Ho Wha Ho”.

July 17, ‘74 – First “Letter from the Invisible Worlds”, written by Enoch.

August 15, ‘74 – Baby Tau was born to Father and Ahom at the Father house.

September, ‘74 – The women and babies were sent with a few of the brothers to Molokai. The first of our efforts to move the Family to Hawaii as our new home.

December 26, ‘74 – Father and a small group departed for Kauai. The women and babies came to Kauai from Molokai.

January 15, ‘75 – Everyone had moved to Kauai except Damian and a small crew who had stayed in Los Angeles to manage the transition to the Source’s new owner.

January, 75 – Kauai – Buttercup was born to Father and Prism.

February 12, ‘75 – Yod was born to Father and Aquariana.

March 1, ‘75 – Father’s flight from Honolulu to Nepal as he begins his “around the world trip” to search for our home.

April 1, ‘75 – Easter – Father took the name “YaWha” in the pyramid in Egypt & the some of the Family flew to San Francisco to meet Father upon his return.

April 2, ‘75 – Father returned to San Francisco with Makushla and Damian, where the Family spent “40 days & nights in the wilderness” looking for our next home.

Early April, ‘75 – Most of the Family departed Kauai to live in the San Francisco bay area, California (Corte Madeira Inn – 4/3, Mill Valley church - 4/10, Zeda’s house – 4/16, Sonoma Ranch – 4/20).

Mid April, ‘75 – The “Operetta” was recorded during several mornings at a borrowed warehouse in Marin County.

April 16, ‘75 – Father took the name “ShinWha” in Mill Valley – after having lunch at the Shinwa Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.

April 18, ‘75 – Father’s second assumption of the sacred name “Ya Ho Wha”.

April 24, ‘75 – The Family moved into the Atherton Mansion on California Street in San Francisco. It is here that Father sealed his final council/mothers of the Family, comprised of  his 14 wives.  Makushla, Aquariana, Ahom, Prism, Isis, Harvest, Heaven, Paralda, Tantalayo, Hypatia, Venus, Galaxy, Lovely, Astral.

May 22, ‘75 – The sons must “get the consciousness” & get a job or not live with the Family.

June 17, ‘75 – Father and the Council/Mothers moved to the Big Island.

June 22, ‘75 – The creation of “Father and Sons United Labor Force”, also called “Possibilties Unlimited”, to help support the Family.

June 25, ‘75 – Everyone was living on the Big Island.

June, ‘75 – Goodies Bakery was created and Later became a restaurant.

July 29, ‘75 – Father left the Big Island for Lanikai, Oahu with a small party to support Mercury as he set the world marathon hang gliding record off Makapùu. The rest of his wives soon followed.

July 31, ‘75 – Earlier Father had commanded: “Be on the Big Island by this date or you are not in the Family”.  The Source Family is sealed and anointed in the Name of God !

August 25, ‘75 – Father left his earthly body “At will” – 5:15 pm – 9 hours after his hang gliding flight.

August 27, ‘75 – The Family was given notice that it must vacate the Doc Hill Mansion.  Makushla soon assumed the role as head of the Family until we dispersed.

September 4, ‘75 – The Family moved into the Hilo Country Club.

February, ‘75 – The Family moved back to Lanikai on Oahu.

April, ‘76 – Everyone had moved from the Big Island to Oahu.

January – July, ‘77 – “The Great Diaspora” (dispersal). A few individuals had begun to drift away previously but by January of 1977 people began to leave more quickly. We dispersed, many thinking that we would come back together in 2 years.  We didn't have our first big reunion until 20 years later, when we honored Father's ashes and had a 21 gun salute for him at the marine base.

June 9, ‘77 – Saturna is born – the last baby to be born into the Family before the dispersal.

July 30, ‘77 – “The Sun Palace” lease expired – this was the end of the major part of the dispersal of the Family.

June – July, ‘84 – Aquarian Trivia was created by a small group in Kailua, Oahu.

1988 to 1990 – Venus published the “Nous letter”, the first real attempt at re-opening communications among Family.

August 25, ‘92 – The first “Mini reunion” – on Oahu, gathering about 25 people

August 25, ‘95 – The first big reunion – on Oahu, 20 years after Father’s “Birth onto the next plane”.

January, ‘01 – The creation of “our Family private social web site” – a channel for communication.

September 17, 2001, 8 pm – The “New Age Gathering” of the Family as a whole. This one truly united us again . . . In “His Name”, at Lanikai, Oahu – 6 days after 9/11, hosted by Isis. Father had admonished us in the early 70’s to be sure to gather on this date for our curtain call, and the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

November of ‘01 – First, big Family story book. Discussions during this composition lead to the creation of “The Source Foundation”.

February 20, ‘02 – The birth of the Source Foundation (20:02 / 20 – 02 / 2002) to represent the interests of the Source Family and preserve and share Father’s legacy.

April, ‘02 – The Family’s public web site – YaHoWha.org – was established.

September 17, ‘02 – The first Source Foundation Board meeting

November, ‘03 – The first YaHoWha 13 album in 28 years to be re-issued by the Family was “The Lovers and the Chariot” through Swordfish Records, of London. A box set of all the albums had been circulated in Japan during the 90’s.

May, ‘04 – The Source Foundation re-issued Father’s book, “Liberation”, and added a discussion of the Sacred Name – YHVH – Ya Ho Wha.

October 1, ‘04 – The Family issued the first album of music that had never been released – “The Operetta”, from “The lost music” – found later in the Source archives.

September 17, ‘05 – “The love fest” Family gathering – on the Big Island, Hawaii.

September 17, 'o6 -- The Legend of Father and the Source Family -- the story of Father and the Family which includes the recipes from the original Source restaurant – by Isis & E

August, 07 -- The Source - The Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family. Our book was re edited and published by process media ~ for the public.

November, 07 – The Source book event.  A gathering of 44 Source Family members in Los Angeles, with slide show at Silent Movie Theatre and first performance of YaHoWha 13 in 33 years at the Echoplex.

Mar, 08 - Perfomance by YaHoWha 13 at Knitting Factory in New York and talks by Isis, E and Sunflower at Shala Yoga.   “No More Secrets” booklet put out on our teachings.  YaHoWha 13 begins touring and putting out new albums.

2009 – A powerful documentary is in the works – hopefully to be distributed in early 2011.

November, 2010 – A comic book done on Father Yod and the Source,

January, 2011 – Work begins on our Online library of Fathers morning meditation tapes.  Isis and E introduce the "Father Yod and Source Family BLOG"on YaHoWha.org !

May, 2013 - The Source Movie premiered in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles within about 10 days and began a whirlwind of tens of thousands of people who saw this powerful and touching documentary.  It is available on Netflix.

Photos and very positive articles abound on the internet, web sites, books, many albums and Morning Meditation Tapes are in circulation, Father has his own You Tube Channel . . . and even a frigging comic book !    Father's legacy is secured !


~ Isis & E Aquarian - the Source Archives and the Source Foundation