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Historical Information

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His Great Grand Father was Jim Baker, the Mountain Man, who was born in 1818, and grew to be 6'7" – in THOSE days ! The average height at that time was probably 5'4”. He had 3 pioneer wives and 14 children and it is debatable how many Indian squaws he had, but 6 or 7 is the standard guess-timate.    This great man actually has a sort of fan club among historians - even now !

James Edward Baker was born in Cincinnati on July 4th, 1922. His Father, Jim Baker, left his mother when Jim was only about 6 months old. Jim Baker spent the rest of his extraordinary and eventful life Searching for his Father – or at least a “Father Figure”.

This resulted in his performing almost miraculous feats during his life, as he tried to attract the attention of the most powerful men around him, in the hope that they would end up being a Father figure to him.

Jim quit high school and traveled the vast, young, vibrant west, while working for The Civilian Conservation Corps, which was a program which Franklin D. Roosevelt designed to hire men in an attempt to combat the Great Depression.

He returned to Cincinnati to finish high school and became a swimming champion and the State archery champion.

In 1945, he returned from the South Pacific, a national hero . . . a Marine Raider . . . one of the most highly decorated Marines of World War II !

In 1949, he defeated the World heavyweight Judo Champion in 17 seconds flat ! Then he became a champion heavyweight wrestler. In 1950, he produced the Mr. America contest.

In 1951, he moved to Hollywood to try out for the role of the first “Tarzan of the Apes”. When the director didnÙt call him back after a few weeks, he shaved his head. Then, when they did call him, they said he didnÙt look like Tarzan anymore !

He began to more seriously pursue his spiritual quest and – in 1951 – He became a Vedantic Monk. He joined a Los Angeles group of “Health nuts” called the “Nature Boys”. They were muscular, handsome, healthy young men who exemplified the new “Natural Lifestyle”, and explored various ways of eating and living according to NatureÙs laws.

Jim always devoured as much information as he could get. As he worked hard and studied harder - in order to refine his physical being - he was led to move on to mental development. He studied philosophy, world religions, and many esoteric spiritual teachings.

In 1957, he founded The Aware Inn, our NationÙs first Health Food Restaurant ! In 1969, he founded the Source Restaurant, on Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood – based on ancient spiritual truths, including "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ." He initially served only uncooked foods and it became the most profitable restaurant in the Country, for its size.

He met Yogi Bajan, and became one of his most devoted students. He saw the Yogi as his Spiritual Father and as God, but the Yogi did not want that responsibility.

In 1971, he went to India. He was traveling down the Ganges River, wearing a robe and a Sikh headdress. Someone on the boat asked him if hew were a Hindu or a Sikh. He threw his headdress in the river as he said:

"Neither a Hindu nor a Sikh will I be . . .

For my soul is universal and free !"

Everyone in that boat fell at his feet and followed him for the rest of his trip in India. When he returned from that trip to India, he had finally realized that he, himself, would have to take responsibility for being the Father for the “Age of Aquarius”. Therefore, he founded “The Brotherhood of the Source” and “The Source Family”'. He published His Teachings in a book called "Liberation" and gave the book freely.

He formed several bands from among Family Members – including "Ya Ho Wha 13" – Which became the beat and harmony of the times . . . Teaching – spontaneously – through the universal language . . .

In 1975, he rode a small, white hang glider into the annals of history . . .

Some say . . .
       Into the “Hall of Records” -- The “Akashic Records”,
            In order that He may remain in communication
                   With those of us who are still here . . .
                               Those of us who are able to hear !

At the time that he left he body, he had 14 women, 3 children and over 100 Members of his Source Family. He left a Council of 12 women to make decisions for the Family and his "Suns" to run the businesses and manifest the "Sacred Green Energy" - "Money" - which Ya Ho Wha called "The best tool on the planet . . . because you can do anything with it" !


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