Father's Insight


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We all held our Father in such reverence, and the Wisdom and Love that He gave to us all was so profound, that our perspective was to look up to him as an exalted being.  We all fed off His energy.  Although He often warned us not to accept what He said as gospel, but to figure out the truth for ourselves, as a group we tended to unquestioningly accept what He said and did.  Because He spoke Truth, we have not regretted that. He gave us teachings that not only came from His own life experience and wisdom, but from many other sources.  He tried to distill the Wisdom of the Ages for us, passing along to us jewels of truth from many traditions.

He was a profound teacher.  Each one took away that which He was able to.  For some, the Teachings were profound.  Others ran from His presence in fear.  Each Morning Class was a Life Changing Experience unto itself, during which those who could stand in the Fire of His Love and Wisdom absorbed hundreds of thousands of calories of energy every day !   For the few who could truly hear Him . . . they will never be the same and find that their feet have been turned to a Path that leads them beyond any consciousness they could otherwise have ever dreamed of !

Although He used many of the Teachings from Yogi Bhajan, He drew truths from many diverse philosophies and Spiritual Paths.  As He opened his Soul to God . . . heavy Teachings began to “Come Down” through Him.   This was before most people spoke of “Channeling”.

The most revolutionary concept He introduced into the Family was liberating all women.  He raised women up as “GodÙ's first creation - The Mother of All Living -” and allowed each Woman to do as she pleased, choosing her work, choosing her mate and freely expressing her soul as the creative force of the universe.  Therefore the Women determined the male/female unions within the Family, and their free choice lead to interesting times and great growth for the men.  Father taught us that a GodMan should be passive in such matters, not signaling preference or pursuing any particular Woman.  He taught that His Sons should be one-pointed into God, and that any Woman who came to him, should be graciously accepted as a gift from God, without judgment. 


You can do anything you want to do . . .

As long as you are Kind !