Aquarian Glossary


WEBSTER'S Unabridged Dictionary is The Bible for the Age of Aquarius


The Source Family developed our own unique language.
Some of the words are used by other people of Spirit.
Some were solely our own. 
If you flash on any that are not in here . . .
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6th Root Race: Evolution of the five stages; rock, mineral, plant, animal; man to Godman. (the next evolution of man)
Adept: One who has knowledge of spiritual matters, one who is aware of this knowledge and bestows spiritual gifts consciously.
Akashic Records: All knowledge that ever was, accessed through the etheric worlds.
Ankh: Egyptian symbol for Love. Female polarity
Ascending Currents: The time of the Gods -- in the early morning hours after midnight, usually around 4 a.m, used for clearer meditation because of the lack of negative thought projections from the Maya.
Astral Body:

Your force field that is attached by a silver cord to your Solar Plexus (stomach area) until death.

Astral Cipher: Elevating your understanding of something said or done (usually mundane) to a higher plain of consciousness.
Astral Travel: Traveling in the etheric worlds while your body remains on the earth.

Bless the 4 Corners: 

A sacred Chant done in a certain way to bless everything in every direction.  Often used for a new piece of land or in a special situation.  Described in the book, No More Secrets.  

Chakras: The seven energetic points located along the spine. There are 7 male chakras in the back and 6 female chakras in the front= 13 centers.
Coming Down: An expression used when wisdom was being accessed through the Akashic records or “channeled” by YaHoWha.
Cosmic Roots: Your Hair – each one of which is connected to a star – Yod Heh Vau Heh.
Cuppy Towels: Little squares of toweling embroidered & laced & used in the Family for flowing women and for women to clean themselves.


Sacred Ceremony directing sexual energy into a higher consciousness without the manÙs losing his seed. (We lightheartedly called it "Dido")
Dross: Matter which is insignificant to your spiritual growth

That which you have created during this lifetime by all of your thought projections, whom you confront when you leave the body, usually called the "Dweller on the Threshold".

Essene: A sect living before & after Christ who advocated physical & spiritual purity & enrichment of the soul.
Etheric: Pertaining to the invisible worlds.
Father Ya Ho Wha -- our Earthly Spiritual Father who attained God Consciousness while here on Earth and then left His Earthly body in 1975.
Golden Spell: The Family'Ùs name for Hepatitis, which we had at the Hilo Country Club. We named it this because of our beautiful skin color !
Gold Fluid Condenser: We took a piece of pure gold, heated it in fire, dipped it into Tahuti water 7 times, reheating it after each dip. We would drink it to protect our bodies from radiation fallout.
Going into the Light: A step before illumination. Reaching that rarefied space (other dimension) safely.
Hierophant's Staff: A staff that YaHoWha carried as protection (from the Egyptian Tarot)
Hounds at the Barrier: If you are astral projecting and you hear a bell, these are the hounds. Since they can only move in angles, you need to return to this dimension spiraling before they capture you. If they do capture you, they can keep you 100 years. If you hear this bell it means you have crossed a boundary in the astral worlds not permitted.

Part of the energy centers of the nose from the Yogic practices. You sniff air in one nostril while holding the other closed with your thumb. Then you open the closed nostril and breathe out while closing the other one called the pingala.

Illumined: All of your chakras are activated. Buddha & Jesus were illumined. You carry this illumination the rest of your life.

Into an Energy:    

That's what we always said when someone was "Indisposed" - usually meaning unavailable because they were in the Dionysm Room or something of the sort. 

Kitty/Kitty: The name Makushla called YaHoWha.

The serpent power that lies dormant at the base of your spine. It can be activated safely when you open your chakras properly and are Spiritually prepared. Sometimes this power can be released by accident and -- if you are not prepared -- insanity can be a result because you canÙt stand in its fire.

Leaving your Body:

The process of oneÙs soul ascending from the body after death. (The Final Passage)

Life River: Everything you have done in your life is stored in your blood platelets and is viewed after one leaves the body as long as the blood remains in the body for 3 ½ days. You need this time to view your life , and view it in detail you will. This gives you what you need to work on for karma for your next life.
Maya: Anywhere outside of the FamilyÙs circumvent force. This planet (and its's cultures) is referred to as the Maya.
Mendes Staff: Egyptian Symbol for Wisdom, and Justice. Thoth, the masculine force.
Moon Chakras: The 6 female chakras located on either side of the front of the body, at the hollow below your shoulder, the nipples, and the ovary area.
Mother: Title of some of the women who took care of an adult son or sons.
Mother of All Living: Father called all women this. The Gods of the Next Race could not be born without her.
Angel: A woman who was “with” a son.
Mother Angel: A woman who took on both roles: Angel and Mother.
One-Pointed: To be totally focused on meditation or on a project.
Pingala: The closed nostril during the Yogic breathing practice (see Ida).
Pyramid Mirror:

Either a 3 dimensional 4-sided mirror with each of the 4 mirrors having the dimensions of 33” X 33” X 33” or just one mirror with the same dimensions. We used them to do our mirror meditations. Father had Thoth try to place one of our 4 sided mirrors on the 3rd eye of our Sleeping Giant on Kauai.

Quodosh: A Sacred Ceremony which can be explained only to those who have been initiated into the Family.
Razor's Edge:

A balancing act on the emotional, and or spiritual plane, one step before temporary insanity.

Remote viewing: A term of this day & age, that we called Astral Traveling. It is when someone temporarily leaves their body, and is able to tell others what they are seeing.

Ring of Fire: 

A Spiritual incantation for personal protection from dark forces during vulnerable moments, which is described under "Father's Teachings". 

Sacred Herb: The herb commonly known as Marijuana, consciously transformed & used in a Sacred Ceremony only in the ascending currents and only for a count of 6 seconds. This was known as "The Grass of the Arabs" and brought such insight as could not be obtained in 10 lifetimes.
Sacred Shin: Sacred hashish, only used in Ceremony. This was the Fire of Initiation.
Seven Sacred Centers:

These centers are: the base of the Spine (the gonads or ovaries area), the "Solar Plexus" (or lower stomach area), the heart, the throat, the "Third Eye (the pituitary) and the pineal gland at the top of the head.

SSHHEEWW: An expression of astonishment or recognition of something awe inspiring. We would often use this expression when powerful Wisdom was coming down through YaHoWha. It sounded like air rushing out of a valve.
Shew Bread:

A term from the Bible also known as showbread. It was told to Moses by Yahweh (another of the names of YHVH) to make sure that the shew or unleavened bread was always on the altar in front of the ark in the sacred temple .

Shin: One of the Mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It means fire. The pyramid also means fire in the middle and when you add the Hebrew shin to the name of God --Yod Heh Vau Heh -- it is Yod He Shin Vau He and becomes the word Jesus.
Solar Centers: The centers surrounding your pineal on top of your head. There are 12 centers around the one. They correspond to the zodiac.
Tahuti Water: Sacred rainwater usually caught in glass or sacred bowls used for ceremony or just to drink. Also used as a body & soul purification while standing naked in it.
Tau: The final letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It means "The end" . . . therefore the beginning. We often said TAU as a way of getting rid of something negative that was said or to remove negativity from the Ethers.
The Teachings: Wisdom used in the Family -- either from YaHoWha or other sources.
Thymus Wand: A wand made out of different metals aligned one on top of another. It aligned the polarities and unblocked stuck energy when used on the spine or other parts of the body. Made to the exact measurements that YaHoWha told Sunflower to make.
Transmute: To change & raise a vibration or energy (which was either negative or not as positive as it could be) to a higher level. The "Key of Transmutation"
Van Allen Belt:

Brain of this planet. It surrounds this plane of existence on the etheric level and monitors the spiritual energies.

Vehicle: The body one was given to reside in this lifetime.
Vernacular of the Time:

To use the language that is commonly & currently spoken. YaHoWha would often “Wax into the vernacular of the times.”

Yod Heh Vau Heh
Yod Heh
              Vau Heh

TheTetragrammaton - The Ancient and here-to-fore secret "Sacred Name of God".  The Jewish leaders did not believe that mankind should be given the Name.  They would only teach and use the consonants - YHVH.  They claimed man could not handle it.  Of course, it was mostly an attempt to hang onto their power.  But Father came to give this powerful tool to WoManKind in our time of greatest need.  When the Shin (fire) is put in the middle . . . that brings to life Jesus Christ.


THE ESSENCE OF THE NAME OF GOD - YHVH / YHWH / Yod Heh Vau Heh / Ya Ho Wha Ho / (YA = FIRE -- HO = WATER -- WHA = AIR AND THE SECOND HO IS EARTH -- US).  Father channeled this final version of the hundreds of forms of the Sacred Name that have been used (Yeheshua, Yahweh, Jah, etc.).  He merged the consonants and the vowels - the I A O - and channeled Ya Ho Wha Ho.

~ Isis and E Aquarian - The Source Archives and The Source Foundation