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A short story of The Path of the Pearl
By E Aquarian

In early 2012 my partner, Bruce Geisler, and I were preparing to completely re-design the site. He took an extended vacation from teaching at the University of Massachusetts and rented a small vacation rental about a mile from our home on Kauai, for a few months.

At one of our first meetings I said: If we’re going to help people figure out how to pursue their own Soul’s growth . . . then we have to figure out just exactly what that means ! I showed him a little treatise that I had written for the original Soul Growth site, which I had called “Some Light on Your Path”. It was based on “Our Aim” that Father Yod had given us in 1973. I told him that I had recently reviewed my words and I felt it was about the best I could do but – since he has spent his life studying most “Spiritual Paths” – I wanted him to analyze my words – and all of his knowledge – and come back to me, in two weeks, with his best suggestion as to what he thought we should use to clarify the path to Soul Growth.

We didn’t discuss it any more. I didn’t want to prejudice him at all. At the appointed time – two weeks later – I asked him if he had any definitive thoughts on the matter. He stood up and started walking around the beautiful little vacation cottage where we were meeting on the North Shore of Kauai. He pontificated for awhile and then he finally said that he thought the absolute best way to explain Soul Growth would be to use Father’s “Our Aim”. I was so blown out that I was almost in tears ! He had reached the same conclusion I had – 6 years later.

He went on to say that he thought we could come up with a better name for it. He has a remarkable ability to pull great names and descriptions out of the ethers. I reminded him that our dearly departed Jacob had taught Our Aim and he had called it “The Dance of the Pearl” (Purify, Elevate, Refine and Liberate).

He immediately said: How about “The Path of the Pearl”. And that is where the name of this beautiful book that we co-wrote came from. We published it September 17, 2015 – do you know that date ?

This is how we describe our book:
     The Path of The Pearl does not replace your current “Path” . . .
     Think of it as a powerful tool to aid you on your own, personal Journey.

If you would like to learn – or review – an inspiring  overall message – blended with great wisdom and many powerful quotes – this is a great tool.  I am very proud of this book and hope you will enjoy it and share it.

You can see a good description of this book or order it here: https://www.createspace - The path of the Pearl

You can flip through some of the pages and order the book here: Path of the Pearl

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20:02   20/02   2002

THAT IS . . . 8:02 PM ON FEBRUARY 20, 2002 !



The Source Foundation was founded with very aspirational goals.   Some would say incurably romantic.     : - )

3 / 13 / 2016


We hope you are well and we hope you experience health, wealth, happiness and success in all your endeavors. 

The Source Foundation has been dissolved – as a Hawaii Corporation – and as a business entity .

This site - and much of our work - will contnue.  But it will no longer be under the auspices of the Source Foundation.

We did not shut down the Foundation because we consider it a failure. Indeed, we are honored and humbled to have been blessed to play such a seminal role in the saving and sharing of Father’s legacy and the Sacred Name.    Even the few who have chosen to interpret so much “Light, Love and Wisdom” in a negative way should be grateful to us because – truth be known – they would have had no one to criticize . . . nothing to whine about . . . and even no one to bitch to – IF we had not done all of this “Great Work” !      : - (         : - )

We shut down the Source Foundation because (15 years - or was it 45 years ? - later) it is time to do other things with our lives.

Father gave us a Hokum (a Spiritual directive):  “To Use, Preserve and share the Sacred Name of God” !   Father “Shared the Sacred Name” everywhere.  He considered that to be his signature destiny.

Again, it has been a humbling experience to do this “Great Work” !   We cherish it and are honored to continue to do our best to fulfill Father's Hokum !



Electricity The Aquarian
Formerly President of The Source Foundation



Premiered in May of 2013 and was seen by many people, across the country.  Find out more at The Source

A Funny, Touching and Compelling film !




The most precious and profound emotion we can experience

                       Is the sensation of the mystical.

                           It is the source of all true science.     ~~ Albert Einstein


It was 1971, a time that an explosion of Consciousness . . . manifesting in cults, families, communites, communes, and The Source Family.   By day, we served organic cuisine to such luminaries of John Lennon, Julie Christie Frank Zappa and many others at the famed Source Restaurant on Sunset Strip - maybe the nation's first health food restaurant.  During the dawn hours (the "Ascending Currents"), in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, we explored the cosmos through the channeled wisdom of our charismatic leader, Father Yod, and by chanting the Sacred Name of God - which had been here-to-fore hidden from the common man as the Spiritual Elites tried to hold onto their power.  Father was an outlandish figure who had 14 “Spiritual wives,” was chauffered in a Rolls-Royce, and fronted the spontaneous rock band Ya Ho Wha 13, now considered by collectors to be one of the most singular, psychedelic bands of all time !   Father immediately began to share the Sacred Name whenever he could . . . saying that "Man needs everything he can get during his time of great need".

A true story that is so dramatic . . .                                                                

Even Hollywood could not have scripted it to be more entertaining !   

Everything that happens to you . . .
Every circumstance and event . . .
Is created and designed for your Soul's Growth.

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father mic

Our Family Music

The Source Foundation was founded by Electricity and Isis in 2001, for many reasons, one of the most important of which was to release Father and the Source Family's original albums.  As you can see below, we have made good progress.  These albums were all created spontaneously by Ya Ho Wha and his “Magician Sons and Daughters.” They were mostly recorded in our home studio in the Hollywood Hills between 1973 and 1975, during or after morning meditation.  Father would sometimes say, “Let’s play some music.”

We are sure that you will agree – the results were sometimes "heavy" and sometimes beautiful . . . but always very unique !   There is a pretty large group of fans, from all over the world, who have recognized not only the distinctiveness, but also the "LOVE and WISDOM" with which our Spiritual Father did everything . . . particularly His music !

Father often said that he knew he would be teaching by his music - after he was gone !


For some of the albums we have released, the individual musicians who actually played with Father have written interesting contributions.  We hope that you will enjoy the music and, most of all, we hope that the wisdom of Father’s words will help you along your “Path to Enlightenment”!

Recorded "Back in the day" . . .
You can learn to Chant the Sacred Name in the same way we did with Father





A True Story . . . That even Hollywood


Could not have scripted to be more entertaining !


ONCE UPON A TIME . . . we all lived together.  And we worked and played together.  And we Meditated and we grew together.  We were a Tribal, Communal Family of over 100 people, living in the Hollywood Hills and running the famous Source Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard – which was founded upon the fundamental teachings of health and the ancient wisdom of the ages.


This extraordinary – but true – story was born of the extreme era of the ‘60’s and 70’s . . . an incomparable age during which it often seemed that all you ever heard about were “Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll” !   But epiphenomenally there occurred a ”Communal, tribal bonding” and a “Spiritual revolution” which contributed to the unique vigor of this age but – more importantly – helped to prepare America and mankind for the “Crossover” into the Age of Aquarius – the New Age – which is upon us right now !


father w some womenWe were “The Source Family”.  We were among the "Forerunners" . . . the "Pioneers" of that period.  We dwelled in the intense realization that we all had destiny with each other – karma – from many past life times. We were here to process it, and clear it, allowing us to proceed with our “Own destiny”.  We went on this adventure with our Spiritual Father for eight short years – at the most.  But, ask any of us . . . it seemed like lifetimes !   To this day, many of us carry those memories and remember that adventure as the most important and influential in their lives, and, for most of us, no other experience has even come close to matching it !  


Forty some years ago . . . a very special “Moment in Man’s brief History” came to pass.  A “Perceptive one” could literally see the “Time Locks” breaking down, minute by minute.  Much of this passion was born of the long-haired vegetarianism of the new “Cults” and communities, which were emerging from the Bohemians and the Beatniks and the “Communes” of the “Hippies”.  It was a time of almost conscious preparation for the cross-over into the “New Age”, The Age of Aquarius. The Source Family was an Aquarian Tribe. Indeed, we all took that as our last name and many of us still use it.  We – and our famous Restaurant, “The Source” – contributed a great deal to this profound epoch.  We helped to birth this era and to insure that it was more than just sex, dope, rock & roll and communes. . . but that it also begat THE SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION and its “Forerunners”.

 BE STILL . . .


During this transition between profound Ages, much of the mystical, metaphysical knowledge (which had previously been carefully hidden) began to be opened up (and/or “CHANNELED”) to the common man. Therefore, important information which could aid in Mankind’s re-birth of consciousness was finally becoming available to him.  This was the help that sleeping Man had not been aware that he needed to enable him to birth a new THE SOURCE RESTAURANT   evolution of the “Adam Kadmon”… the “Light Body” that has all of the “Keys” contained within it … The “Tree of life” … the Blueprint for all … the Primordial Man – the archetypal prototype of the “Sixth Root Race”… of  the “God Man” … Jesus – YHSVH – Yod Heh Shin Vau Heh ! 


WOMEN ON ROLLSJim Baker was already a Hollywood legend when he opened The “Source Restaurant” in 1969, on Sunset Strip.  It was among our nation’s first true “Health Food” Restaurants.  Jim’s remarkable life had perfectly prepared him for this essential and timely new paradigm in the evolution of our Country, and Mankind … and his “Spiritual Family” grew from the tiny “Seed” of the original little group of workers at The Source, who soon morphed into “The Brotherhood of the Source” and, later, matured into “The Source Family”, living commune-ally in the Hollywood Hills.  We called Jim “Father”, then Father Yod and, later, he recognized ~ and Named Himself ~  “Ya Ho Wha”.


As we grew, the individual Members of the Source tribal, communal Family left their “Normal lives” – many, literally, in a split second – knowing that there must be “Something better” than what the current culture had been offering, and which was no longer working for them.  It was as if – due to our Karma and our past-life accomplishments – our “Time Locks” (our genetic encoding) were finally being released . . . and we were ready to be here – in full consciousness – for this “Ending of an Age”. Our “Earthly Spiritual Father” recognized the potential of this period as it “Opened a Portal” and ~ as Jim Baker ~ he stepped through that Portal ~ unlocking his destiny as Father Yod and then  YA HO WHA.  Many others also stepped forward as the Masters, Gurus and Spiritual leaders of the times – helping with the evolutionary enlightenment of this generation. We became aware that we had come to this little planet to serve . . . either as witnesses (watchers from another time) or to be of aid to WoManKind, as one of the tribes (incarnated once again) to merge with humanity in bringing forth this “New Birth” . . . for Father taught us that man’s soul is destined to perfection ! 


It seems that – at this “End Time” – many Religions, Secret Societies and Indigenous Peoples have finally begun to make available their “Inner Teachings” to the many “Seekers of Wisdom”.  And it continues . . . indeed, it is about time that this takes place . . . to help enable the “Quantum leap of Evolution” that will be needed on this planet.

We are all “Parts of the Whole . . .

Merging ~ as Humanity ~

Back into the  “ONE”

Music Collage

We lived totally “In The Now” … in a little “Aquarian Bubble”.   Everything outside of our “Circumvent Force” we called (condescendingly) “The Maya”. We did not pay attention to dates, we just lived our lives each day with great joy, fun and responsibility !   Time did not exist for us.

Our Father had firmly admonished us to gather for the beginning of The Golden Age – The Age of Aquarius – on September 17th, 2001 and we were able to gather about 85 people for our first Big Reunion – only a few days after 9/11/2001 !   The love that was palpable at this gathering began to re-unite us for the start of our “New Play”.  A Hawaii Corporation – The Source Foundation – was created as a coordination and communication link and our website ( was created so that we can share our Teachings, our story and The Sacred Name of Ya Ho Wha


Some of us have come to realize that – some forty years later – Father is bringing us more together in order to bear witness to the births of our children and the “Final Passage” of Family Members and to give our children the opportunity to find out who we were and are.  The children grew up hearing the stories – some of which were hard to believe – and they have been a little surprised as they have watched our Teachings recently begin to become mainstream and to be accepted by others.  As you probably know, science is now verifying so much of what we had to believe – only on pure Faith.  Books are being written proving that the Name of YHVH – which Father restored to us and through us – is encoded in the DNA of our cells, awaiting activation. You may find much more information about this in our books and on our Web Site.

They say that – in the end –

                 Your whole life will flash before your eyes . . .                             

Make it worth watching !           

For he who conquers his own mind . . .

Can conquer ALL !

~ Based on the book about Father and The Source Family
~ by Isis & E Aquarian.




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May this Foundation – The Source Foundation – and this Web Site – – be consecrated in the ancient and Sacred Name of God - Yod Heh Vau Heh  /  Ya Ho Wha - and may we be of important service and help to inspire you to join us in making the commitment to:


"Our Aim" 

Which is to . . .

         Purify our Bodies

                    Refine our Emotions

                               Elevate our Minds and

                                          Liberate our Souls . . .

                             So that we may be of service to Humanity ! 

Y A    H O    W H A

source spoken 


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