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AUGUST 25, 1975 ~





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39 Cassette Tape Sides - Selected from 1973 and '75
MP3 Files on a Data Disk for Computer Use

Travel Back in Time . . . some 40 years,

This is the Real Deal . . . in Real Time !

Experience the good, the lovely, the bad, the ugly . . . The pathos, the humor and

The awe-inspiring Wisdom . . .
hooded Yod

The pulse of those amazing times !

It was the late 60’s and early 70’s – a timeframe during which people wanted more!  They were just walking right out on their lives, in search of something higher and better . . . leaving the booze, prescription drugs, religious dogma and expectations – the brainwashing – of their parents.  This was a historical timeframe in WoMan’s evolution and we were experiencing a “Crossover” – we were the forerunners of our time. 

Masters, Gurus, Ashrams and Spiritual Teachers were everywhere - but we found our frequency in Father/ Father Yod, who became our Spiritual leader.  Through him, we learned to take sex, drugs and rock n roll and add “Spirit”.  Our sex was Tantric and Sacred . . . the only drugs were one hit of “The Sacred Herb” in the early morning, for our Family Meditations . . . the music was powerful rock n roll that Father created with his Family musicians – which, to this day, still enjoys a “Cult following” as “YaHoWha 13” !  

For Source Family members
. . . these seminal recordings will bring back memories and rekindle fundamental threads.  For our children, loved ones and friends, this will provide the perfect taste of what we have been talking about. For you ~ in the now ~ this is a way to share the adventure with Father and the Family and to be able to take whatever pearls you find and add them to your own "Path in Life".   During those incredible times we arose before 3:30 AM and gathered in the Meditation Room at 4:00, where we witnessed the SuperNatural ! 

Father named Isis His “Keeper of the Temple” and “Keeper of the Records”.  She recorded His Morning Meditations  (We often called them “Classes”).

alt Isis, Electricity and Karl Anderson of Global Recording Artists have worked very long hours on this major "Labor of Love" so that we could share this opportunity with you.

How often does one anyone actually have an opportunity to travel back in time and experience the past, exactly as it happened?   Experience something that you have only heard about ?   And longed to know more ?  

NOW . . .  THE REAL DEAL . . . feel the Spirit . . . enter those mysterious, etheric realms as Father brings them down to Earth . . . share in the esoteric teaching experiences and the enlightening life lessons of all ages, dance to the Family music and chant the melodic and hypnotizing Chants of the original Source Family – as well as hear the unique wisdom  that would “Come down” as Father handled mundane Family business and personal matters !


  • THE ANCIENT, and SACRED “NAME OF GOD” and how to USE IT !

Father went through THREE MAJOR PERIODS of consciousness growth.  “Father” was the first – during the early days of the Source and the Mother House.  Then there was the “Father Yod” period – when we were living at the Father House, in the Hollywood hills.  This period, most will tell you, was one of their favorites because Father was in his prime, manifesting a uniqueness and peaking in receiving and giving the Spiritual Teachings and Wisdom, along with the humor, fun and music !    Near the end of our days at the Father House, YA HO WHA was born !   And we soon left the Source for Hawaii and other journeys !

It was late in the middle period that Father looked at all the record keeping and tapes piling up and said he did not want to end up being idolized after he was gone.  He said this time period and teachings were only for his Family and that it would be up to his children to go forth and give this wisdom.  Father Yod knew that Isis would never go for this.  She had her role and she was playing it to the hilt.  In the middle of the night he had several of his Sons tear the cassettes apart and dump them in the Source Restaurant Dumpster and that would be that !   These were some of the most amazing moments of the whole Source Journey but luckily a lot of them (that had been mailed to others, etc.) survived this assault and ~ the next morning ~ Isis just kept on recording !   Father  looked at her, just laughed and said: “Well, I tried !” 

As Jim Baker, he was a legend in his own right, he had 3 famous restaurants on sunset strip in L.A. was a judo expert and war hero…this continued as Father Yod with the Source Brotherhood.  Father had a Family core of 140, with 14 wives and 3 children. 

After the family dispersed, Isis kept these tapes safe and, about 30 years ago, Electricity made multiple copies of all that we had for his library and to have as back-up, in case anything happened to the originals.  So, almost 40 years later, we finally have the technology to re master what we have left, and we can proudly offer these seminal recordings in this on-line library ! 

We formed The Source Foundation to protect and preserve our legacy and set up a private social site so that we can keep in touch and share. A book was done called “The Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family”and we compiled our teachings in “No More Secrets”.  Much of the family music has been remastered and reproduced.  To find a complete list of music, books (our new comic book), video, photos and story – click on “The AwareHouse” on your right in this web site.

A documentary is currently in the works – due during 2011. “Echoes of a Crone” . . . 2 disk set, Isis Aquarian’s wisdom teachings in words, put to music “Barefoot crone” – coming in the winter of 2010.

Our esteemed Partner in this project, Karl Anderson of Global Recording Artists ( is working on issuing a memorial album “Reach for the Sky” for Sky Saxon, who (founded the rock group, the Seeds) and was Father’s Son, Arelich, and passed away on the day Michael Jackson died in 2009. This promises to be the largest and one of the best memorial albums in history !



All Orders are placed directly through their individual distributors.





All Orders are placed directly through their individual distributors.

Father's Meditation Tapes-Series I

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